Round up of last week’s food 151206

Sorry I’m a bit late on the weekly round-up it’s been a hectic one!


Sunday I had salad in pitta with chips as I wasn’t up to cooking, so a little bit healthy, a little bit naughty!


On Monday it was my Husband’s birthday, I made the cake which was pretty flat and he made the frosting which was pretty runny! It all tasted good though and that’s what counts!


On Wednesday my Sister-in-Law Gemma came round and we had a good old classic of cheese on beans on toast. I used violife cheese which is good for melting.

I bought a harlequin squash last weekend at the garden centre and roasted it. It was tasty but there wasn’t much flesh on it.

I went swimming with Mum and she made this nut roast from Tesco with a pink peppercorn sauce. I’m not usually one for nut roast but with the butternut and kale this wasn’t as dry as some and it was tasty and warm after a good long swim!


On Friday I used up some freezer food, with a Fry’s peppered steak pie and some pease pudding I had made a few weeks ago and frozen. I paired these with leeks and sprouts. It make look like it could do with some gravy but I’m not very fond of it!


Following that big lunch I made some soup for tea with a bag of salad (watercress, rocket and spinach) onion, garlic and some left over leeks and sprouts from lunch.


There’s a new Asian supermarket opened up near my Mum and I had to ask her to get me these Taiwanese mochi. The taro flavour were my favourite.


On Saturday Mum and I went down to Eastbourne to visit family. My cousin Amanda had told me about this recipe she found in Good Housekeeping magazine for Kale and Lentil Polpette with Watercress Pesto. Unfortunately the co-op didn’t have any watercress so we had spinach pesto instead. The pasta was very zingy due to the lemon in the pesto, we all agreed the polpette could do with a bit more seasoning and I think I’d put in some cumin if I made these.


On the way home we stopped in a pub to have some food. They had quite a few veggie options but unfortunately not many without dairy. I went for this houmous topped with pistachios and pitta bread and some hand cut chips. The pitta didn’t taste very toasted and became a bit claggy in the mouth.

I had an aubergine in the fridge which was on the turn which I used to make some baba ghanoush. I love this smoky dip and topped it with paprika. I also made some bread as I want to hone my skills for Christmas. This picture doesn’t capture the petit-ness of this loaf, but it wasn’t much bigger than a roll! I don’t think Paul Hollywood would be impressed but its a start!


Hopefully I’ll have a better week. I’ve got a few ideas for other blog posts so watch this space!

Plumes x


Round up of last week’s food 151206

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