Dough Yo’s X Veg Heads April 2019

Last Saturday I attended the grand opening of Dough Yo’s vegan doughnut shop in Southend and I had the privilege of being the first ever customer!

Dough Yo’s is run by my friend Nathan who is a very active member of the Essex vegan activism community, with Matt of Veg Heads cooking up burgers and hotdogs in the kitchen. The cafĂ© is on Queen Street just off the High Street so very easy to get to.

I went with a few friends and it was great to see the long queue forming when we got there just before they opened. We also saw a few other friends while we were there. Us vegans love our doughnuts!

I went for a hot dog, coffee and chocolate hazelnut doughnut and it was all fabulous.

There were many different doughnuts on offer so I bought a “Homer” home for my Husband and my friends enjoyed some other delights.

So when you’re next in Southend I highly recommend you head down to Dough Yo’s and get your fill of vegan treats!

Plumes x

Dough Yo’s X Veg Heads April 2019

The Canvas Cafe – April 2019

My friend Mitsu and I decided to go to Canvas Cafe for our regular meetup as it had been a while since we had both been to the spot just off Brick Lane.

This was very convenient for me as I had an appointment to give blood nearby directly beforehand.

The last time I went to Canvas I think it was still vegetarian but I’m happy to say they are now completely vegan.

I chose the tofish and chips while Mitsu went for the quesadilla. We had a peppermint tea and a tumeric latte to drink.

My tofish was really tasty and as you can see there were plenty of chips. The only slight thing I would recommend would be to press their tofu a bit more.

Mitsu bought a huge wedge of blueberry and lemon crumble cake and I couldn’t leave without getting a peanut butter and jelly brownie for my Husband.

Have you been to Canvas recently? What did you think let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

The Canvas Cafe – April 2019

Pho – April 2019

I hadn’t been to a branch of Pho in a long while so when deciding where to go for lunch with my friend Matthieu last time I thought we’d give it go.

Pho is a chain of Vietnamese restaurants selling the classic Pho a dish of noodles and soup as well as many other Vietnamese dishes. They have plenty of vegan options with a couple under each menu section.

We started off with some crispy spring rolls which were gorgeous.

I chose a noodle dish with tofu and mushroom. I am the messiest eater when I’m eating out of a clear both so I was must safer going for a dry noodle option! This dish was really tasty and a decent portion.

Matthieu isn’t vegan but he and his wife are trying to reduce their meat consumption so he went for the tofu pho.

I like how you can add all your aromatics yourself so you can control the level of flavour/spice.

I had a jasmine tea to drink which was so pretty!

I would really recommend Pho if you are out and about and especially if you are in a mixed group of vegans and meat eaters. I look forward to going back to try their other vegan options.

Have you visited Pho? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Pho – April 2019

Acorn Pie and Mash – March 2019

Unfortunately I never made it to the Acorn Vegan Deli in Leigh-on-sea part of The Oak Tree family. It has now transformed into a vegan pie and mash shop so I suggested to my Mum that we should go for Mother’s Day.

There is little parking nearby so Mum dropped me off at the restaurant and then had to drive around for about 15 minutes to find a parking space.

I enjoyed this locally brewed red ale while I waited for her to arrive!

There are a number of different pies you can choose from including chilli, cheesy, chick’n and mushroom, steak and ale as well as a daily special which on this day was Thai curry.

We both chose the steak and ale which came with homemade seitan pieces, peas, Mum had gravy and I went for the traditional liquor (parsley sauce) and added lots of vinegar!

I was disappointed the meals came on bamboo container. This is a sit down restaurant/cafe so I expected a proper plate. It made it difficult eat as you kind of had to work your way right to left to have enough room to cut up your pie. I also usually like lashings of liquor but I was limited to a dainty drizzle in order to eat this without getting it all over me! I found the peas were a little underdone (how do you undercook peas?!) and the seitan pieces were far too huge in the pie.

I am being very critical and overall I would say this was alright/a bit meh. When you are only serving basically one meal this should be your speciality and done very well. I have had great vegan pie and mash from non-vegan places so I would expect an exclusively vegan place to have it on top form.

There was an extensive dessert menu but I have given up treats for Lent so we skipped them and the milkshake options looked good too.

Leigh-on-sea is about a 45 minute drive from where I live so I don’t think I would go out of my way to go here again but if I was in Leigh for other reasons I might pop in for a bite.

Have you been to The Acorn? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Acorn Pie and Mash – March 2019