Flying While Vegan

I haven’t flown (apart from business to Glasgow) for four years so I was interested to see if the vegan offering provided by airlines had improved in the interim.

We started at Heathrow Airport Wagamama (we were flying to Japan after all!) and had their vegan breakfast. I don’t think many other Wagamamas do breakfast so I hadn’t seen it on the menu before.

The seitan bacon was the best part of the breakfast. The tofu scramble was acceptable although a little wet and not overly hot, the spring onions were a nice addition. The mushrooms could have been better too and the sausage which contained beetroot was a bit odd. But I think I would give it a go again.

We travelled with British Airways and I had a gander at Fly Vegan a website where you can add reviews and photos of the vegan food you have had sorted by airline.

Our first meal was dinner. We had teriyaki tofu with vegetables and rice. It came with a side salad, a roll and a chocolate cake. All very nice. We even had vegan spread and soya milk which many reviewers said had been missing or they had been given dairy versions.

For breakfast we were given chickpea curry. I think these were re-used from the Indian veggie meal and a bit odd when everyone else was tucking into their omlettes.

Overall I was happy on the way out. The way back was a bit more disappointing. I assume because the catering is picked up from the country you are leaving you are dependent on what vegan options they have available.

For our first meal we had vegetable pasta which was nice as I had only had pasta once over the three weeks we had away. We had a quinoa salad with capers which was very nice but I was disappointed that we had some fruit rather than a cake that the other passengers received. We also received no spread or soya milk and instead were given jam to go with our rolls.

For our light meal before we landed at about 17.00 UK time was mixed beans in sauce rice and vegetables with another salad. I think the others got another cake at this point but we didn’t have anything.

Overall the food was acceptable and a few more vegan cakes and I would have been very happy.

What are your experiences of traveling whilst vegan? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Flying While Vegan

Unity Diner

Hi All! So it’s been a while, 4 months in fact. I’ve had some issues with fatigue over the last few months caused by my thyroid problem, so blogging wasn’t my priority. I’ve had an adjustment to my medication and I feel like I’m getting my mojo back!

There are a couple of things that have inspired me to get back to blogging – my trip to Japan where I have tried some amazing vegan food and a fellow blogger. I got friendly with Jenny from Herbivores’ Heaven last year during Vegan MoFo (vegan month of food). I haven’t taken part this year due to the clash with my big holiday but Jenny is and she is basing her month on her own recent trip to Japan.

I had every intention of posting my review of Unity Diner back when I went a few months ago so here it finally is.

I had been wanting to visit Unity Diner ever since it opened. Unity Diner is the brain child of Earthling Ed and is a non-profit which helps fund Ed’s activism charity Surge. When my friend Marina announced she was coming to the UK (from Japan) during Golden Week (extended this year due to the new emperor being signed in) I knew it was the perfect opportunity to go to Unity Diner.

I chose this enormous burger! As I usually do with burgers this size I chopped it in half to make it more manageable. It was really tasty and the chicken style patty wasn’t dry at all.

Marina chose the cheeseburger and we shared some fries and mac & cheese.

The mac was lovely and gooey and just how I like my mac & cheese.

Even though we were starting to feel full we couldn’t resist dessert. Vegan desserts have come on leaps and bounds in non-vegan restaurants so I definitely have more opportunities to have one, but I’m still excited by a dessert menu at a vegan restaurant where there are multiple options.

I chose the cheesecake and Marina had the (badly photographed) crumble. Both were fabulous.

I hope to return to Unity Diner soon to try out their weekend brunch menu and taste their waffles and/or pancakes!

Have you visited Unity Diner in Hoxton? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

I will be back soon with some posts about Japan.

Plumes x

Unity Diner