Roundup of the week’s food 151129

I haven’t been too well this week. I came home early from work on wedsnesday due to a bad belly and have had a cold come on this weekend.

I haven’t taken many pictures of dinners this week but I’ve got a few treats for you.

I made these super matcha pancakes, they’re made from oats, almond meal, hemp milk, chia seeds, matcha and maca. There’s 16 so I froze them and bake them in the oven in the mornings for breakfast.


I forgot to take a picture of my stew I had on Mon night. I ate it for tues lunch and had a bit left over for  dinner too. Being a bit stewed out I had some Tesco smoked soya cheese as a snack.


On Weds as I was feeling too unwell ro cook we had a takeaway. Our local Chinese has a separate vegetarian menu which is great! I only had the chips on Weds to carb up my poor belly.

On Thurs I had the satay skewers for breakfast and forgot to take a pic. (Forgive me I was ill!) For lunch I had the rest of the chips and the aubergine battered balls with sweet and sour sauce.






For lunch on Saturday I had 5 beans on toast. If you haven’t tried these from heinz they’re pretty good and a bit more interesting than your standard baked beans.


As it’s my Husband’s birthday tomorrow we had an Indian takeaway for dinner. I had mushroom rice, saag aloo, dhal, a chickpea dish and an onion bhaji; it really hit the spot!


Once the curry had gone down I had some dairy free ice cream that I had bought from the independent health food shop earlier in the day. Booja Booja make truffles as well as ice cream. it’s organic and only made from 4 ingredients, water, agave syrup, cashew nuts and cocoa. it’s really rich and you only need a little bit to satisfy a chocolate craving.


This morning after mass I went to see my sister in law and my nieces. My brother in law has soya milk and luckily they had an avocado in the fridge which I snaffled to have on some toast. Lovely when it’s easy to eat at other’s houses!


Until next week followers!

Plumes x




Roundup of the week’s food 151129

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