Round up of the week’s food 160424

Bit late on the round up, I have had a very busy weekend and yesterday I just wanted my bed when I got home!

Last weekend I made some almond feta and defrosted some cashew cheese I had made from the freezer and took them to work on Monday for my colleagues to try along with some French Herb Gozo Casheese I had bought. They went down well with everyone and many commented that they tasted a lot better than they expected vegan cheese to taste!


I also made some mini quiches but the pastry wasn’t cooked enough to take into work but they were ok for me! I had some for dinner with the last scrapes of cheese that were left.


On Tuesday I had some more quiche with roast potatoes and veg.


I had been feeling a little heady in the week and on Weds and Thurs I just wanted bland carbs, on Weds I had spring rolls and plain noodles and Thurs I just had chips. I know the height of vegan cuisine! Neither particularly photo worthy but they really hit the spot!

On Friday I stayed over my Mum’s house as we were heading to my Cousin’s wedding early on Saturday morning. She defrosted some black bean, quinoa and coconut stew she had in the freezer. It was delicious and something really different.


On Saturday I was honoured to give a reading at my Cousin’s wedding. They had a lovely church service followed by a reception hosted at Barnsgate Manor. My Cousin and his Wife (!) are always very accommodating to my dietary needs and their wedding day was no exception. One of the staff came and spoke to me before each course to explain what I was having and what items were vegan friendly. For starters everyone had a fruit platter, I had quite a bit of other people’s too! For main I had a stuffed squash which was one of the best mains I’ve had in a non-vegan environment! My Cousin and his Wife are fond of a cream tea so they served scones for dessert, I had my own plain and fruit scones with jam, they were so good I wolfed them down before I got a chance to take a photo!

When we got home on Sunday I was really tired so decided to go in to town for lunch. We went to Zizzi’s, and unfortunately my battery had run out on my phone so I had to use my Husband’s which doesn’t have the best camera on it! I went for olives to start and then the vegan pizza with olives, mushrooms and roasted red onions. I was pleased again with the pizza. I went for the nectarines with coconut and mango swirl ice cream for dessert. The nectarines are described as caramelised on the menu  so I expected them to be warm but they were almost frozen solid and I struggled to get my spoon through them to cut them. The ice cream was nice but I don’t think I would order it again. Has anyone else tried this dessert? I don’t know if was served as it was supposed to be or whether I just got a dodgy one! I was disappointed they didn’t serve dairy-free milk as I really fancied an Earl Grey tea. I would think that a restaurant with a vegan menu would have a vegan milk option! I raised my disappointment with them on Twitter and they responded it is something they are currently looking into as they have had many enquiries for it. Hopefully it won’t be too long!


Have a good week!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160424

Review – The Gallery Cafe

I hadn’t been to The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green for a number of years after an incident with a frozen hash brown, but I thought enough time had passed for me to try it again – sadly I was disappointed.

I ordered the vegan nut roast, a soya matcha latte and a piece of carrot cake. After queuing and paying I returned to our table. I looked at my receipt and I had been charged £9.95 for my nut roast when the menu board stated it was £8.50. I went back up to the till to rectify the error, the server said it was the board that was wrong but gave me the difference back and then corrected the displayed price.

I sat down with my matcha latte and after a few sips I thought it tasted a bit funny. I took it back up to the counter to make sure it had soya milk in it. The barista apologised profusely as she had put dairy milk in it and made me a fresh one. The other server told her that matcha lattes always have soya milk but apparently she didn’t know. When I sat down with my correct drink it was lovely. If matcha latte is available I will always choose it!


My mum went for the Ethiopian stew, which had chickpeas, peanuts, apricots, raisins and vegetables. It was served with brown rice, vegan yogurt and salad. I had a little taste and it was really good.


I appreciate food can come out at different times but my Mum was on her last bite when my nut roast made an appearance. So effectively I watched her eat and then she watched me eat! The serving of nut roast was huge and had a crunchy crust on it. It was a bit difficult to get into but I think that was more due to a blunt knife than the nut roast itself. The roasted new potatoes were crisp and peppery. I enjoyed the asparagus and the greenest but unfortunately the runner beans were very stringy and practically inedible. The other issue I had was as the meal had been served in a dish rather than on a plate I round it difficult to cut up the food.


Lastly, the carrot cake! I was given this when I paid at the till and it had been sitting on the side of my table looking at me for a long time by the time I got to eat it! It was lovely and moist and the frosting was tangy and sweet. The only negative was that it wasn’t as spicy as I would expect but it was still a lovely cake.


The cafe was packed, so it’s obviously very popular. Have I just been unlucky with my food the couple of times I have been here? I went with my Mum both times and she didn’t have an issues!

Have you been to the Gallery Cafe? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – The Gallery Cafe

Round up of the week’s food 160417

I’ve had a really good week despite the weather and feel really upbeat!

I had seen a photo of some miso baked aubergine on instagram and thought I’d give it a go as I had some miso paste in the fridge. I served it with roasted veg and chickpeas, it was a really wholesome meal!


On Tuesday I stopped by CookDaily to have a quick bite to eat. You can see my full review here.


On Wednesday my Husband made me burger and chips using Fry’s Traditional Burgers. You can’t beat a good burger, especially one that’s loaded with mustard, ketchup, onions and pickles!


On Thursday I enjoyed an Italian meal with my friend Jo, you can read my full review here.

On Friday I wanted to use the aquafaba I had from the chickpeas I had eaten on Monday so I made some mini quiches using this recipe (I left out the spinach). I haven’t cooked with aquafaba before but I was really pleased with the results!

The recipe called for a third of a cup of coconut milk so I enjoyed the rest of the can with some pineapple juice to have a virgin pina colada.

I went to Tesco this week, (I usually shop in Sainsburys) and picked up some items from their free from range. I really love these banana fromage frais with my breakfast and I’ve had to ban my Husband from nicking my dairy free ice creams!

Yesterday I made myself a cooked breakfast using some more the mini quiches, I had a big day out at the Anti Austerity March so needed the sustenance!


As that was all I had eaten in the day I decided to treat my Husband and me to an Indian takeaway. I had spinach with lentils, chickpea curry, aubergine and potato, veg samosa and a roti.


Today I visited the Museum of Childhood with my Mum. We ate at the nearby Gallery Cafe beforehand and I’m going to write up a full review later.

I’m definitely going to sleep well tonight after such a busy week and weekend!

Hope you’ve had a good one too!

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160417

Anti Austerity March

Today I attended The March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education organised by The People’s Assembly. It was widely reported on in the press (which makes a change!) in The GuardianThe IndependentThe Evening StandardITV News and Sky News among many others.

I thought I’d show you some of my pictures. I marched with my union, Unite.

I loved seeing all the banners of the different chapters of the unions. They told so many stories! The drummers were amazing, I couldn’t post a video here but have done so on Twitter and instagram if you want to check it out (@plumesworld on both). It culminated at Trafalgar square and that’s where I appreciated how many people were actually there! I also found it quite emotional as my Dad loved a good anti government (i.e. Tory!) march, he belonged to the PCS union, and I was quite sad that I never marched with him.


Plumes x

Anti Austerity March

Review – Just FaB

Last night I had my monthly dinner date with my friend Jo. As I wanted to continue my tour of East London I suggested we try out Just FaB on Hackney Road.

Just FaB serves all vegan Sicilian street food out of a converted double decker bus. It is the brain child of Fabio Pironti and his mamma Myra, a vegan of 20 years, who moved over from Sicily to create the menu.

They have a wide space outside with table and chairs (and even table football!) but as the sun was going down and it was getting a bit chilly we decided to eat on the top deck. (You kind of have to, don’t you?)

Jo went for olives to start, she said they were well marinated and really spicy. I had arancini. They were crunchy on the outside and lovely and oozy with vegan cheese in the middle. I would have to say these are the best arancini I have ever had!


For mains Jo had the falafel and houmous. She really enjoyed it and said she thought it looked better than some of the dishes on the website so they should put this dish on there!


I went for the lasagna, I went for the xl size as I wasn’t having a side with it. It was layered with pasta spinach and cheese sauce with a tomato and I think soya (it could have been seitan) sauce on top and sprinkled with nutritional yeast. It was so good and a little unconventional from what I expect a lasagna to be like.


Jo was stuffed and only managed an Earl Grey for dessert. I had ordered the vegan tiramisu with the rest of my food as I had heard so much about it! It was really light and creamy and the coffee wasn’t overpowering. I’m not sure what the cream was made from as there wasn’t an aftertaste of soy or coconut. Jo tried a bit of the cream and said she couldn’t tell the difference from dairy cream. It was gorgeous and I didn’t feel weighed down as you can do sometimes from puddings!


I would recommend Just FaB and think it would be great to go with a large group and completely take over the top deck!

Service from Fabio was great and he really appreciated our feedback.

Have you eaten at Just FaB? what did you think?

Plumes x

Review – Just FaB

Review -CookDaily @ BOX PARK Shoreditch

Yesterday I needed to grab some food before my hair appointment so as I was travelling through Liverpool Street I thought I’d take a walk down to Boxpark in Shoreditch. I really like this area of London and don’t venture into it enough seeing as I work so close.

Boxpark is a retail space made out of shipping containers with mainly shops on the ground level and eateries upstairs.

I had seen some photos of the food from the totally vegan CookDaily online and wanted to try it out. They have various dishes ranging from curries and noodles to all breakfast and raw offerings. They also serve ice tea and a range of vegan beers.

I went for noodles with vegetables and tofu. It was really tasty and filling and had a wide variety of vegetables included.


Next time I want to try the Caribbean bowl, although I’m not too sure about the hot bonnet sauce so they said I could try that separately to see if I can handle the heat!

Have you been to CookDaily? What did you think?

Plumes x


Review -CookDaily @ BOX PARK Shoreditch