Roundup of the week’s food 151129

I haven’t been too well this week. I came home early from work on wedsnesday due to a bad belly and have had a cold come on this weekend.

I haven’t taken many pictures of dinners this week but I’ve got a few treats for you.

I made these super matcha pancakes, they’re made from oats, almond meal, hemp milk, chia seeds, matcha and maca. There’s 16 so I froze them and bake them in the oven in the mornings for breakfast.


I forgot to take a picture of my stew I had on Mon night. I ate it for tues lunch and had a bit left over for  dinner too. Being a bit stewed out I had some Tesco smoked soya cheese as a snack.


On Weds as I was feeling too unwell ro cook we had a takeaway. Our local Chinese has a separate vegetarian menu which is great! I only had the chips on Weds to carb up my poor belly.

On Thurs I had the satay skewers for breakfast and forgot to take a pic. (Forgive me I was ill!) For lunch I had the rest of the chips and the aubergine battered balls with sweet and sour sauce.






For lunch on Saturday I had 5 beans on toast. If you haven’t tried these from heinz they’re pretty good and a bit more interesting than your standard baked beans.


As it’s my Husband’s birthday tomorrow we had an Indian takeaway for dinner. I had mushroom rice, saag aloo, dhal, a chickpea dish and an onion bhaji; it really hit the spot!


Once the curry had gone down I had some dairy free ice cream that I had bought from the independent health food shop earlier in the day. Booja Booja make truffles as well as ice cream. it’s organic and only made from 4 ingredients, water, agave syrup, cashew nuts and cocoa. it’s really rich and you only need a little bit to satisfy a chocolate craving.


This morning after mass I went to see my sister in law and my nieces. My brother in law has soya milk and luckily they had an avocado in the fridge which I snaffled to have on some toast. Lovely when it’s easy to eat at other’s houses!


Until next week followers!

Plumes x




Roundup of the week’s food 151129

Stress is a great weight loss aid

I got married in October 2014 and between then and my anniversary I gained 1 and a half stone. This did include a trip to Vegas, my 30th birthday, our honeymoon in Japan and my friend’s wedding in turkey.

My Dad has been ill since February 2014 but saw a significant decline from July. In September we decided he shouldn’t be left on his own so we started a rota to cover all days and nights.

I had planned to lose weight in time for my anniversary but that went out the window. I decided to move my target to the end of the year and I am doing well so far.

I have significantly reduced my sugar intake as well as diet food/drinks with sweeteners due to the fact they increase cravings. I have also not had any empty calories in drinks so have only been having tea, coffee and water (no alcohol either!) I have found that I haven’t been very hungry and can still have the occasional treat or takeaway. It’s my husband’s birthday on Monday so we’ve made a chocolate cake, having a meal tonight with his family and going out on our own on the actual day.  I have also been using my health app on my phone to make sure I’m doing 10,000 steps and 2 hours activity. The only annoying thing is I can’t log my swimming so I have to note it mentally. This has been working well. I have been losing 2lbs a week over the last 5 weeks and hope this continues, if it does I will be back at wedding weight by new year!

I have had lots of stress this week. My Dad is still deteriorating and my Husband’s family dog unexpectedly needed to be put down. We are now having Marie Curie support 3 nights a week and carers 3 hours a day which should really help the family out. Louis the dog had undiagnosed bone cancer but the last time we saw him he was running around without a care in the world so he didn’t suffer.

I hope next week will be better! I am going to my first Christmas event, having lunch with friends and going to see my relatives in Eastbourne next weekend.

See you tomorrow for the food round-up.

Plumes x

My Dad and I in San Francisco in 2008.


Louis the dog a couple of weeks ago.


My new fringe I had cut this week.





Stress is a great weight loss aid

Round up of the week’s food 151122

It’s Sunday so it’s time for the round up of this week’s food!

Last Sunday night I poached the pear I got in my first post. (If you haven’t read it yet go back and do it now! I used pineapple juice and spiced it with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamon. I then used the left over liquor in my porridge for the next few days.


A few weeks ago I made some lentil loaf so I had some meals to take to Dad’s when I stayed over at his. I had with a jacket potato, sprouts and cabbage.


I didn’t manage to finish the potato. Since I’ve been losing weight my stomach must have shrunk as I can’t manage the meals I could before. I teamed it with more greens and a fry’s pepper steak pie.


On Wednesday I was working from home so for lunch I used up some fishless fish cakes I had in the freezer. I got these on sale at Holland & Barrett for 67p. They are more like chicken burgers as they are large and flat rather the small and thick like I remember pre-veganism. I’m not sure if I would pay full price for these, but who can complain at 67p?!

For dessert I had these pandan buns I got in the Chinese supermarket. They just take a minute in the microwave and are really tasty. If you don’t know what pandan tastes like get down to your local Asian supermarket as it’s amazing!

Unfortunately my father was admitted to hospital on Friday night for the second time this week. My very lovely brother brought my aunt and I some chips as we hadn’t eaten at all. We left Dad at 1.30 am so i ended up having the dinner I planned for Friday on Saturday. This was seacakes with greens and sweet potato. Again I couldn’t manage this all in one sitting so had to have the other seacake later as a snack. The seacakes are made of tofu with seaweed running through them. I didn’t realise how loved these were until I posted on instagram and all the comments I got from fellow vegans.

On Saturday I was back up the hospital to sit with Dad for a while so I got the only vegan sandwich option. It’s nice that it was clearly labelled but I didn’t appreciate being lumped in with the gluten free gang. There was another falafel wrap that my husband had that would have easily been vegan if they had omitted the yogurt dressing. Sorry I only took the photo after I had eaten!


Today I had a better day. After mass I went swimming with my Mum. I saw an old friend Mark which was odd while we were in our swimming gear, treading water and chatting! Mum and I went into town and did a bit of Christmas shopping. I had tacos for lunch and Mum had salad with veg chilli from a outlet in the middle of the shopping centre. We also saw a childhood friend of mine in M&S who it was lovely to catch up with. I’ve had a very Mexican day with tacos for lunch and my husband made us a lovely chilli for dinner. He always makes me rate his dinners out of ten. I gave this seven.


This evening I have been wrapping presents in my new hat I bought today.

Hope you’ve had a better week than me!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 151122

Fabulous Indian Food

I recently got a menu for an Indian restaurant and takeaway through my door. it had a whole page of vegetarian starters and another of mains. I was so excited I sent the onine menu to my vegan sister in law, Gemma. The next I get a call from my mum saying she received the same menu and did I want to go!

The restaurant is situated in a complex that holds a bowling alley, laser quest, some other restaurants and function rooms. it definitely doesn’t look like a bowling alley from outside, more like a wedding venue and I know a friend who had their reception there.

Inside the restaurant it looks like you’re outside. it kind of reminded me of some of the hotels in Vegas.


Can you see how excited Mum and I are! Excuse the wet hair we’d just come from swimming.

We had rose lychee coolers to drink

20151118_194355to eat well had kurkuri bhindi – deep fried spicy battered okra. Baigan bharta – smoked aubergine. Daal makhani bukhare  wali – black lentils marinated overnight. Rajma easily – Red kidney beans marinated overnight and vegetable biryani. I have never seen a biryani served with a naan hat like below!



There was far too much and we took loads home for my husband and I to have the next day.

What meals have you enjoyed recently?

Plumes x

Fabulous Indian Food

Vegan Kind Beauty Box 5

As I mentioned in my last post I subscribe to the Vegan Kind’s quarterly beauty box to discover new vegan products. It’s cost £18 including posting and packaging, but what you get inside is worth much more!



You get a leaflet telling you about all the products and giving you the companies details.

First of all we have Cocoyou coconut oil. I recently re-stocked my kitchen cupboard but I do like to keep a separate jar in the bathroom. If you haven’t heard about the benefits of coconut oil Google it now! Always make sure you get virgin coconut oil not the processed stuff!


Next we have Human Kind Hand, Elbow and foot cream. it’s a lovely size for your handbag and smells great20151118_083953

We also have Green People’s intensive repair shampoo. My hair is in quite good condition so I might gift this one as I sometimes do when I think a product can have a better home.


We have a beautifully soft eye shadow brush next. I have quite a few brushes but it’s always great to have more. I go away quite a lot so may start stocking a second makeup bag.


I really love the next item – a gorgeous sweet orangey smelling lip gloss. Sometimes lip gloss annoys me if I get my hair stuck on it but think I’ll definitely use this when I’m sporting an up do.


Lastly we have this mirror. I have anext Alice in Wonderland mirror but both sides have become unstuck and need super-gluing. Or I might just replace it with this one!


Plumes x

You can find the vegan kind at http://www.thevegan



Vegan Kind Beauty Box 5


When I first started to write this blog I knew I would do a post about this subject. As part of my effort to drop a few pounds I have only been drinking tea, coffee and water. I tend to only drink tea and coffee at work and at home I have been drinking bottled carbonated water – up until now. In my strive to live a more ethical life I cannot justify the plastic bottles (even if I do recycle them) so its just tap for me at the moment. I did toy with the idea of a soda stream to carbonate my own water but then there’s the whole Gaza issue and that’s another thing in itself!

I was also prompted to write this blog today due to a comment from my colleague Eamonn. It is our first day in our new office and we didn’t realise disposable cutlery wasn’t provided, luckily I had bought some from our old office and offered to wash my spork (spoon/fork) so Eamonn could eat his yogurt with it. When he had finished I asked whether he was going to keep it and re-use it and he said “probably not”. Why waste a perfectly good utensil?

Moving on to some consumables in the bathroom. I really like using Lush products as they don’t test on animals, their vegan-friendly products carry the Vegan Society logo and they try to minimise their packaging. I also like how their products are dry in order for them to last longer and I also think its great for travelling when you’ve only taken hand-luggage in order to limit your liquids. I was disappointed recently when they changed the packaging on their toothy tabs. These are small mint like tablets which you crush between your teeth and then brush like toothpaste. The tubes used for toothpaste aren’t recyclable so lead to landfill. Previously toothy tabs came in a match-box like container and they have changed to a plastic bottle. I understand that a cardboard box isn’t great in a wet bathroom but its such a shame they’re now using a more wasteful product. Better make sure I re-use those bottles!

2015-11-16 18.44.03

I subscribe to the Vegan Kind Quarterly Beauty box. They also do a  monthly snack box but that doesn’t currently fit into my weight loss plan! In my last box I received some Faith in Nature face wipes. They are  lovely and fresh and useful for when you’re on the go. I visited their website to order some more and also ordered some anti-dandruff shampoo. My husband isn’t vegan and usually uses the brand that is followed by knees and toes. He hasn’t tried it yet but I’m hoping he’s found a cruelty free brand that works for him.

2015-11-16 18.42.56

Lastly in the bathroom, a product I have had so long I can’t remember where I bought it from and have just started using again. These are re-useable cleansing pads, to save you going through all those cotton ones (even if they are fairtrade!) These you just pop into the washing machine in the mesh bag once you’re done.



As its coming up to the most wonderful time of the year I wanted to get my hands on some recycled wrapping paper. I went online to re-wrapped and unfortunately they were out of a couple of the Christmas set so I got these as I also have a lot of birthdays coming up.

2015-11-16 21.02.20

How are you trying to cut down on waste, packaging and consumables?

Let me know.

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 151115

Now if you can’t possibly wait for Sunday to find out about what I’ve been cooking and eating you can follow me on either instagram or twitter – username @plumesworld on both.

2015-11-09 08.24.00

Started off the week on a healthy (and artistic note!) this is coyo coconut yogurt with a sliced plum. I can only eat coyo with something like fruit, my favourite coconut yogurt is coco collaborative who also make some fabulous coconut frozen yogurts.

2015-11-10 12.30.50

On Tuesday I went to Pizza Express with my colleague Luke. As we are studying for our professional qualifications we are entitled to NUS cards (student discount) and Pizza Express offer 40% off on Monday and Tuesday. I went for the Bosco salad without mozzarella or honey and mustard dressing. I love the garlic mushrooms in this dish. Pizza Express do a completely vegan pizza – the pianta and if you take in a sealed pack of vegan cheese they will add it to your pizza!

2015-11-10 19.49.26

Tuesday night I was staying at my Dad’s so did this easy meal of Fry’s country pie with jacket potato and stir fried sprouts. If you’re not a fan of boiled sprouts like me, try them stir fried with leeks it will change your world!

2015-11-11 19.56.14

On Wednesday I went swimming with my Mum. She is omni but always cooks us a both a vegan meal when I come round for dinner. She had some vegan cheese to use up so she cooked this favourite of hers – melanzana parmigiana. This one included pesto between the layers of cheese and aubergine and I’ve told her she can definitely make this one again!

2015-11-12 20.42.43

On Thursday my sister-in-law Gemma came around to help me install a new light fitting in my snake’s vivarium so I made curry for us. This is a proper store cupboard favourite. The sag dhal used dried lentils and frozen spinach, the bombay aloo used tinned tomatoes and a potato that was on the turn and dried rice with frozen peas; I had loads left over to freeze for lunches.

2015-11-13 06.56.15

Sometimes I get bored with breakfasts and get into a rut. Kingsmill English muffins were on offer 2 packs for £1.20 so I had one with peanut butter and banana for breakfast on Friday.

2015-11-14 18.24.58

Lastly my Saturday night roast care of my father-in-law Joe, cranberry nut roast with roasted veg and spuds and I was so full I only managed one potato! I don’t know what’s happening to me!

Hope you enjoyed my round up and let me know what vegan meals you have been having!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 151115

My last big (but totally ethical) purchase of the year!

Firstly I apologise for the number of photos in this post. If shoes aren’t your thing this one definitely isn’t for you! Secondly I have received no benefit for reviewing this item – but am happy to do in the future (wink wink!)

I ordered these Beyond Skin shoes as an early Christmas present to myself and hopefully they will last a while as they cost nearly double my next most expensive pair (and they were my wedding shoes!)

Firstly the box was lovely in this bright pink colour.

20151110_182344 20151110_182424

and inside didn’t disappoint either with this lovely tissue paper that will be reused for Christmas.

In the card you can see what they stand for.

20151110_182501 20151110_182514


I like the end of the box, so you can store them and still know which shoes they are. Also this style is called “Bonnie” which is the name of my eldest niece so I think it was destiny!


I even think the soles are brilliant with the parody on the “genuine leather” motif with “genuinely not leather”.


20151110_182741 20151110_183119

As you can see they are gorgeous!


and this is my happy face!

Plumes x

My last big (but totally ethical) purchase of the year!

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

My name is Sarah and I am frequently, affectionately called Plumes as a derivative of my surname.

I am 30 and live in East London with my husband and my corn snake, Popcorn. I am a vegan, a feminist and an insurance analyst and am going to blog about trying to lead a more ethical life.

Part of this involves my new year’s resolution of only buying second hand clothes. Although I don’t know if I have made a mistake deciding this so early on and I am trying not to do lots of last minute shopping ready for the new year!

I started this weekend when I went to Deal in Kent with my Husband, my cousin and his fiancee.


I bought this M&S per una skirt in the Sue Ryder shop for £4. I love the colours and the detail on the bottom right. I also bought a pair of M&S black trousers brand new with tags from the Children’s Society shop for £8. I can’t believe people discard unworn clothe but i suppose this is the kind of culture I am trying to distance myself from.

I also had some wonderful food.


We bought pizza bases in Sainsburys and added tomato puree with garlic, violife cheese slices and assorted vegetables, I love Sainsburys’ basic garlic bread made with marge so vegan friendly!

We also did a cooked breakfast which filled me right up until dinner time. Its lovely staying in a cottage  with cooking facilities as we only ate in a restaurant once over the weekend. Vbites rashers, mushroom and onions, beans, hash browns, and my homemade sausage patties.


The one time we ate out was at Burger Bros near the pier. They had one veggie burger but unfortunately they, as seems to be the fashion, use brioche buns. These are not vegan friendly due to the milk and egg, but the owner did assure me they are seeking to add more veggie options. I went for the Greek Vegetarian sandwich on rye, with avocado, roasted peppers and alfalfa sprouts. I subbed the helloumi for a smoked portobello mushroom and it was served with a side salad. I also loved the rhubarb and vanilla seltzer that I had to drink.


My cousin’s fiancee and I are both Catholic so we visited St Thomas’ of Canterbury for mass at 11am. We felt very welcome and enjoyed celebrating an emotional Remembrance Sunday. We even got a free pear from the presbytery garden and had a cup of tea in the coffee morning.

Please see a few more pics of my time in Deal and a couple of me! I have cut out the others as they are a bit camera shy. I have referenced websites the places I have mentioned in this blog at the bottom.

I hope you enjoy this blog and come back for more!

Plumes x

20151106_153258 20151108_124406 20151108_123845 20151108_123857

20151108_124438-1 20151108_132140-1-1

The cottage we stayed in –

Sue Ryder – they provide compassionate care to people with end of life and long term needs.

The Children’s Society –

Burger Bros –

St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church –

Welcome to my blog!