Round up of the week’s food 160724

This is my third attempt at this post so I’m keeping it very short!

This week I’ve enjoyed Dim Sum, salad, tofu rice box, strawberry cupcake, tofu teriyaki, Malaysian corn chowder and tofu curry. Very tofu based all delicious!

Hopefully I won’t have the same issues next week!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160724

Round up of the week’s food 160717

I’ve had a really busy weekend so didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.

I had a virus at the beginning of the week so on Monday I just had some falafel and houmous for dinner. On Tuesday I made a simple dinner (for my stomach) of cauliflower steak quinoa and carrots. This is the first time I’ve done cauliflower like this and I really enjoyed it.


On Wednesday made me burger and chips using a Quorn spicy burger. A nice mid-week treat after feeling so rotten.


On Thursday I went to Mum’s for dinner. No swimming this week as I was still recovering. We had sweet potato with houmous and salad with artichokes. Lovely, fresh and simple.


On Friday I had eaten quite a lot through the day so just wanted something small for tea. I got broad bean, asparagus and mint houmous from Tesco and some rosemary focaccia that had been marked down in Sainsburys.


I also spotted some vanilla dairy free ice cream in Sainsburys so I got that and used some of my choc orange choc shot on it. I think this is my fave of the sainsburys range.


Saturday was a busy day. I started off having breakfast at Black Cat Cafe in Hackney with my Sister-in-law and her friend. We all went for the fry up. I really enjoyed it, especially the spicy beans although I would have preferred it on a plate or the beans in a separate bowl so everything else wasn’t swimming in them!


After that we went to a demonstration against Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) which I’m going to write about separately.

On the way home we stopped by Canvas Cafe off Brick Lane to try one of their freakshakes. They’re serving them until 9pm for the next week and until 7pm for the rest of the summer. We went for the forest fruits one to share.


We also popped by As Nature Intended an organic supermarket on Commercial Road and I picked up some artichoke dip and some sprouts to go with some bread and other bits I already had for tea.


After a quick shower and a rest we headed out again to take part in a 10k Star Walk for my local St Francis Hospice where my Dad passed away in December. 600 women took part and we received lots of support from cars and passers-by as well as the fire men handing out water to us along the way!


Yesterday I was completely worn out! I ached and had blisters on my feet, but I still managed to get quite a lot of housework done. I made some pasta with roasted red peppers and garlic with a sprinkling of violife parmesan.

This week I’m out quite a lot so looking forward to the food I’m going to eat!

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160717

Round up of the week’s food 160710

I’ve felt really exhausted this week. I thought I had the start of a cold but it hasn’t really amounted to anything. Hopefully I’ll start to have a bit more energy next week!

On Monday I had pasta using up the left over ingredients I had from the pizza I made last Saturday. I think the violife pizza cheese worked really well in this and I think next time I make a pizza I’ll put the cheese on the bottom, Chicago style.


On Tuesday I was too tired to cook so I had teriyaki udon noodles and vegetable dumplings from the Japanese takeaway.


On Wednesday my Husband made some roast potatoes while I was out running and I cooked a Fry’s traditional burger and some vegetables when I got in.


On Thursday I went swimming with Mum and we had black bean stew which I forgot to take a photo of.

On Friday I made some quick and easy tarts using ready made puff pastry and veg. My Husband’s were topped with onions and red peppers and I had leeks mixed with some cheese from Nutcrafter Creamery that I bought in Planet Organic.


Yesterday I went to Just V Show which you can read all about in my post here.


Yesterday my liqueur arrived from Besos de Oro which is a mix of brandy and the Spanish drink horchata. I have really been enjoying and will post a separate review later in the week.


Today I planned to run to church but I’m still feeling very tired so ended up watching lots of tele, crying through the film Beaches and eating my way through my purchases yesterday.

Now I’m going to make my tea of spaghetti hoops on toast!

See you later!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160710

Haul from Just V Show

I went to Just V Show today with my Mum at Olympia. It is hosted in the same space as the Allergy Free From Show and the Love Natural Love You Show. This is my favourite vegan show/fayre of the year. It’s well spaced out and easy to navigate with all the stalls clearly labelled with numbers.


We received a free goody bag from the allergy show on the way in. I was really impressed with the contents. There were a few non-vegan items which I haven’t shown here. There was also a fizzy orange drink that I drank on the way home.


I bought this goody bag for £5 from TeenVGN who are an organisation who run support, networking and education for vegan and veggie teens. I got 3 mini mags a recipe mag, a bag, a sticker and 3 snack bars.


For lunch I had this deep fried seitan with coleslaw from Temple of Seitan. I saw lots of people post about these guys on Friday and I knew I wanted to try them. I wasn’t disappointed! They are currently doing vegan fayres with the plan to find some premises to open up in a permanent spot.


I bought these Dr Who shaped chocolates for my Husband from Cocoa Feliz. I love these guys and have bought their boxed chocolates a few times for presents. It’s nice to get a posh box of fully vegan chocs!


I bought this coconut sauerkraut from Rhythm. I’ve been getting into fermented foods recently and this benefits from the sauerkraut and the kefir in the coconut.


I love Follow Your Heart and always stock up at shows. I got the soya free vegenaise and a free tote bag!

I’m not in love with the flavoured mylks from Rebel Kitchen but I was impressed with their coconut yogurt and gave their coconut water a go as it was only  £1.

I love a round up from Ananda Foods. These are made up of marshmallow, biscuit and chocolate. My Sister-in-law asked me to get her a mint one and I went for an orange one along with the original (they also do a gluten free version)20160709_155939

I have wanted to try the doughnuts from Ruby’s of London for a while now and I finally got my chance! I had a chai spiced and a white chocolate raspberry. These are more of a baked cakey doughnut than a deep fried one and went down a treat with me!


Lastly from me, were some supplies from Ecozone which were 50% off. I love their ethos and that they are completely vegan!


My Mum got two packets of Linda McCartney burgers with a cool bag for £2! (Although she had asked for one pack to be sausages!). Blue Sheese from Bute Island Foods, nutritional yeast from Marigold Health Foods and some cruelty free perfume inspired by Marc Jacobs “Daisy” from Eden Perfumes.20160709_180829

I love meeting the people behind the products when I go to shows and find out why they chose to make them and where they source their ingredients. All the samples let you try before you buy and the deals are great too!

If you have a vegan fayre/market/show going on local to you I would recommend you attend and see what is available, remember to wear your fat pants!

Plumes x


Haul from Just V Show

Round up of the week’s food 160703

Looking back through my food photos I can see I’ve had some great food this week. We do our food shopping once a fortnight and plan the first week of meals when buying food and plan the second week with what we’ve got left, so I’m quite impressed with this second week of food!

On Monday I made some avocado pasta, really creamy and so fast to do.


On Tuesday I went on a training course in Ipswich and was quite impresses with my vegan lunch which included a Thai satay dip and a flapjack!


For Tuesday dinner I made okonomiyaki which is a Japanese omlette, using This recipe. Okonom means “as you like it” and yaki means griddled. Okonomiyaki usually has cabbage in it and then any other fillings/toppings you want to add. I kept it simple and just added spring onions to the cabbage. I topped it with tonkatsu sauce which I made by mixing ketchup with Hendersons relish (a vegan Worcestershire sauce). I really enjoyed this and will definitely make it again and loading it up with different veg. My Husband enjoyed it as well which I was really surprised by.


On Wednesday I got my lunch from a Korean place. I had the spicy tofu and rice and some veggie dumplings. I was a bit disappointed the tofu wasn’t deep fried and was a bit tasteless. I’m not a great lover of spice but even I didn’t think this was that spicy when Korean food can usually pack a punch. I won’t be having this again.


After swimming on Wedsnesday Mum and I went for an Indian. I had a chickpea dish with dhal fritters and paratha. We also had rice which isn’t pictured as they took so long to bring it out! The chickpeas had the opposite issue to the tofu, they were really spicy and I only managed half of them. The menu didn’t say it was spicy and if it had I would have either asked if they could it milder or gone for another option.


Thursday lunch I headed down to Protein Haus at Moorgate station. I went for a grains and greens wrap, a peanut butter cookie and some date and cacao truffle balls. This was really tasty. The cookie was huge and a bit dry so although it had a nice flavour I don’t think I’d get it again.


On Thursday I made a chilli which was really tasty. My Husband said it wasn’t spicy enough but it was just perfect for me!


On Friday I was really tired so we decided to get a takeaway. I went for salt and chili beancurd with vegetable noodles and vegetables in garlic sauce. This if different to what I normally order and I really enjoyed the change.


I had popped into Holland and Barrett on the way home and picked up this lovely chocolate orange pot at half price! These are really rich and creamy I always think I should eat half and save the rest but it never happens!


Yesterday I made a pizza using violife pizza cheese as I’d never used it before. The pizza base I made is from a magazine recipe I ripped out years ago and go back to time and time again. It’s so thick and doughy I love it! I added olives and capers on top to keep it simple. I served it with garlic bread so got a glorious carb overload!


This morning I ran to church, I usually walk 45 mins but I thought if I ran I could use it as one of my three runs a week. It was really sunny and the first time I have run with a backpack on so I was glad to sit down when I got there.

I made this stir-fry this evening with a veg pack, noodles and sauce from Sainsburys and some extra soya beans I had in the freezer. I don’t normally buy prepared veg but these stirfry packs are great. I’d never use up all the component parts if I bought them all separately.


Have you had any great food this week? Let me know!

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160703

My 100th blog post!

100th post

I can’t believe I’ve made it to 100 posts!

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and given me feedback either on WordPress, Twitter or Facebook. You are the reason I do this and as long as you are interested in what I write I’ll keep doing it!

I did have a blog a few years ago but soon lost interest. I think having my weekly round ups have kept me on track as I know I’ll be posting at least once a week. It has also made me be more imaginative with my food as I know I’ll be sharing it at the end of the week.

Apart from food and veganism I’ve really enjoyed writing about my adventures in vintage clothing and I’m hoping to write more about my running as I get more into it.

Writing this blog has helped me be more reflective and the positive feedback I received for my post Exercise and Mental Health have given me the confidence to be more open about my anxiety. I think we all need to be more open about mental health issues to help remove the stigma and if my writings can help one person I’ll be happy.

So here’s to the next 100 posts!


Plumes x

My 100th blog post!

Half way through No New Clothes!


So as it’s 1st July I have successfully completed the first half of my No New Clothes for a Year challenge!

I have only bought second hand or vintage clothes. I thought it would be difficult to source items when I needed something in particular but I had no hassle when I looked for vintage running gear and I think I came out with items I love more than what I would be able to find new.

The biggest challenge I have had is tights. My Mum came to the rescue and gave me a bundle as she rarely wears skirts and dresses. Since I have been running I have been wearing socks more so I will see how I go, I may try to learn how to darn them although I think it’s quite difficult!

I have recently joined Vegan Runners and I’m itching to buy some merchandise to run in but I’ll just have to wait. Or I could buy some patches and attach them to my current running gear!

I’m already starting to look ahead to when my challenge is over. I plan on starting a sewing course in September so hopefully that will give me some skills to mend and alter either clothes I already have or second-hand/vintage clothes I could completely re-imagine!

I hope to always investigate the second-hand market first and only then in the unlikely event I can’t find something suitable will I go for brand new, preferably from an ethical, sustainable company.

How do you think you’d fair if you couldn’t shop for new clothes?

Plumes x

Half way through No New Clothes!