Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 30

Today’s prompt – Kitchen Tour

And so today we reach the last post for Vegan MoFo! I hope you have enjoyed my first foray and I’m definitely looking forward to joining in next year. It wasn’t as taxing as I was expecting blogging everyday to be and I loved reading other participants posts.

This is my little kitchen, in one of its cleanest states! We’re in the process of selling our flat so I’m looking forward to more space in my kitchen and cupboards!

I’ve had quite a few posts stacking up for when MoFo is over so I’ll still be posting a lot over the coming week. I hope you stick around.

Plumes x

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 30

One thought on “Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 30

  1. Your kitchen certainly looks cleaner than mine! I’m really glad I discovered your blog this VeganMoFo, and I’m looking forward to your next batch of posts!

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