Round up of the week’s food 160124

The week started on Sunday with a seitan stew my Mum’s partner made.


On Monday I used up one of my portions of lentil loaf from the freezer with some steamed carrots and parsnips that needed using up with a potato and frozen spinach.


In the mornings I’ve been having soaked oats with chia and flax seeds. If I’m being a bit fancy I chop up a banana into it.


I had some seitan curry for lunch one day at work this week. I take my lunch in most of the time so I know what’s been used in it and it’s a lot cheaper!


The next day I had avocado simply with a bit of salt and pepper and my fave sandwich filling chickpea mayo. This is mashed chickpeas, mustard, mayo, capers, spring onions and black pepper.

We were running low on supplies so an easy dinner is dhal with rice. I bought some samosas on the way home to go with them.


On Wednesday I was suppose to go swimming with my Mum but unfortunately due to trouble with the trains by the time I got in it wasn’t worth it. I was really cheered up by this shepherds pie with chestnuts my Mum made.


On Thursday we had a Chinese and I had my favourite sea spice beancurd with rice. This was definitely a treat.


On Friday it was more tofu with this sweet chilli tofu with noodles from wasabi. This was really nice but a bit spicy for me.


On Friday night we went to my in-laws and had a roast with a spicy bean burger. I also had some raspberry ice cream which I had left over in the freezer from our last visit.

On Saturday I had a simple lunch of houmous and mini rolls. One was piri piri and the other came with an olive tapenade, which makes a lovely change.


On Saturday I went out for a Japanese meal with my Sister-in-law. You can read the full review here.


Today I had a vegetable pasty from West Cornwall Pasty Co. It’s great to be able to pick up something for lunch when going through a station. It even won an award.


My dinner tonight was something I’ve been looking to for a while. I got some mock duck and had Peking pancakes with Hoisin sauce. So tasty and easy to make at home.


Looking at my week’s food it seems I had a very Eastern week although I didnt plan it that way. I wonder what kind of week I’ll have next week!

Plumes x















Round up of the week’s food 160124

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