Kerb Meatless Market

At the end of September food market company Kerb introduced a Meatless Market to their portfolio in Devonshire Square on Wednesday to Friday lunchtimes. I managed to get down there twice this week with friends to try out their delights.

The traders are all existing Kerb traders either those that usually serve meat only offering their vegetarian offerings or fully vegetarian/vegan outfits.

On Wednesday Vegals caught my eye with their vegan bagels.

In my pre-vegan (pregan?) days I was a fan of a salt beef bagel so I decided to go for the seitan version served with cheese, pickles and mustard. It was really tasty, my only slight criticism is that the seitan is quite thick and I would prefer a wafer thin variety akin to the salt beef I remember.

Mitsu went for Eat Chay and ordered the Bao lunchbox which came with two BBQ seitan and kimchi bao buns and a noodle salad. She also picked up a fried rice for dinner.

I went for the bao lunchbox today and it was really great. Mitsu had some seitan that was quite well done but mine was cooked to perfection.

Today my friend Jo went for a stuffed ciabatta from Sugo, this one came with avocado, feta and sun-dried tomatoes although I think there was a vegan option available.

The great thing about Kerb being in Devonshire Square is that I can pop in to Planet Organic to pick up a treat to have with a coffee in the afternoon. On Wednesday I went for a cinnamon swirl and today I had a Crosstown doughnut which are now serving their vegan doughnuts in Planet Organic.

Its great that there are a variety of traders attending this market and I hope it encourages the more meaty ones to up their vegan and vegetarian offerings.

Have you been to Kerb’s Meatless Market? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Kerb Meatless Market

Running down my cupboards

We are in the process of selling our flat so I am trying to use up as much of my cupboard goods as possible before we move.

I love my dried beans and have built up a collection. I used my black badger beans by soaking overnight and cooking in a shepherdess pie.

I used a mixture of white and sweet potatoes in the topping and added some vegan cheese in there too.

Next I made some soup using marrowfat peas, green split lentils and dried soup mix. This doesn’t look the most appetising but this is my favourite soup.

My hand blender broke during blending this and I was worried something had come off the stick blender but I couldn’t find anything so I bought a new one and finished blending it. I worked out I’d had my old Tesco value stick blender for over 8 years so it had had a good go.

Now onto the sweet treats. I used up some dates and chocolate in a batch of flapjacks. They were a little well done so not photo-worthy but tasty enough with a cup of tea.

I made this peanut butter bread recipe from Jack Monroe. It was so tasty this will definitely be a regular as I always have all the ingredients in my cupboards. I replaced the butter and milk with vegan alternatives and used a flax egg (1 tbsp milled flax seed with 2 tbsp water).

My Husband made this chocolate tray bake which he enjoyed with some Perfect World mint choc chip ice-cream.

We still have quite a lot of red lentils to use up, which will go in stews and curries. We also have quite a lot rice and noodles which we’ll work out way through over the coming weeks.

What meals do you love to make with your cupboard staples? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Running down my cupboards

A Vegan Dinner at A Marston’s Pub

I was pleased to see that Marston’s Pubs had recently launched a vegan menu so I was straight on their website to see where my nearest one was.

The Crumpled Horn in Upminster is close to my friend Louise’s house so we decided to meet there one evening for a catch up. Although very local to Louise she had never actually been inside so it was a great new discovery for both of us.

Their menu caters to all tastes with 3 starters, 5 mains and 3 dessert options.

I chose the pie which had lovely pastry and the filling was great too, the only thing I would have changed would be to have mash rather than chips with it.

For dessert it had to be the jam doughnut pudding (although the rhubarb and ginger pudding did look tempting too!) It was sticky and sweet and went well with the dairy free ice cream served along with it.

Our service was impeccable, especially as I wasn’t expecting table service from a pub like this. The waitress commented that they’ve received great feedback on the vegan menu from vegans and non-vegans alike and she was excited to try some of the new options out.

With pubs up and down the country I’d recommend you find your nearest Marston’s and head there soon! What would you choose from the menu? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

A Vegan Dinner at A Marston’s Pub

A Vegan Lunch at Wagamama

My friend Mitsu and I met up for our monthly lunch a couple of weeks ago at Wagamama in Moorgate. I’d never visited this branch before, it has lots of seats and low ceilings which makes it very loud. Mitsu and I had to shout across the table to eachother often having to repeat ourselves!

To start we shared a couple of the mushroom and panko coated aubergine buns. We both love a bun and these were light and fluffy the only downside was that the filling was very salty.

Mitsu went for the yasai katsu curry for her main. I’m really happy this dish is now vegan as they’ve stopped using egg to attach the panko breadcrumbs to the vegetables. She found the rice a bit too sticky but other than that enjoyed her meal.

I went for the glass noodle salad. I was surprised at the amount of greens that came with it. It was really tasty the only disappointment was that I had very few pieces of tofu I think it was only two or three.

Overall our lunch was ok. There was something a little off with every dish and with so many places offering vegan options nowadays I don’t think I would rush back to Wagamama, also the level of noise really put me off. I want to be able to chat and have a catch up when I meet a friend and this was near impossible in this branch!

Have you eaten in Wagamama recently? What did you think of the vegan options? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

A Vegan Lunch at Wagamama

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 26

Today’s prompt – Favourite Holiday

My Husband and I were together eight years before we got married and decided on our honeymoon location long before we decided to get married!

We went to Japan in the spring of 2014 (six months after our wedding) to see the cherry blossoms and experience lots that Japan has to offer. We’re hoping to go back next year to explore some other delights.

One of my Husband’s favourite dishes from that trip was curry udon. A curry broth with vegetables and noodles topped with tofu deep fried in bread crumbs. Usually when we make this at home we use a Fry’s chicken style burger sliced up to do the trick!

I didn’t actually have time to make this dish this week so I went back through my camera roll to find this picture.

The curry sauce cubes are easy to find in supermarkets and we usually fight over whether to get the medium or hot ones, when we make it we use a mixture of both. Straight to work noodles are great to make this an even quicker meal!

What are your favourite holiday meals that you’ve brought home? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 26

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 25

Today’s prompt – Birthday Bash

I was planning on writing about these foods after Vegan MoFo but when I saw this prompt I thought they would fit in well.

In my heart I am a minimalist and I don’t like too many “things” so for my birthday I prefer to be bought consumables and try out some fancy vegan foods I wouldn’t buy on a weekly basis.

I have been volunteering with The Humane League for a little while now, they are a vegan charity who work to reduce the most suffering to the most number of animals. They were established in the US in 2005 and have been operational in the UK since 2016 and have just received their UK charity status. They have a fast action network where members can take part in micro-actions such as commenting on a company’s Facebook post or emailing them to help the cause. This is a great way to get involved if you aren’t able to take part in street activism or other forms of activism.

Recently the data privacy laws changed in the UK which you’ll be aware of if you received all the emails asking you to re-sign up for your mailing list. Unfortunately The Humane League lost two thirds of their fast action network due to people not re-signing up. There was a drive for the volunteers to sign up new members and the volunteer with the most sign ups would win a prize.

Well I was that lucky volunteer and I won a £50 voucher from the vegan supermarket Greenbay. I’ve been to Greenbay a couple of times before and knew they had a great range of products so I was excited to get my mits on some!

First up the savoury stuff! I love a good posh vegan cheese! Some of these are only available at vegan shops or at fairs or via the company’s website. These are artisanal products so can be pricey so I reserve them for a special occasion. I have tried Nutcraft Creamery cheeses before but not The Volcanic so I’m really looking forward to trying this. I have met New Roots at vegan fairs and had a little of taster of their cheeses so I had to buy their camembert. I think I’m going to heat this one up and enjoy with some crusty french bread. The other cheese we have here is an aged smoked cheese from Essential Vegan. I love smokey flavours so this was a must.

The other two items here are pates which my Husband picked out.

Sweet-wise we have Monsters from German company Vantastic. This are similar to UK smarties (I know in the US Smarties are a different kind of sweet altogether. These are like M&M’s) Two Twilight bars which are akin to a Mars Bar. My Husband and I are going to batter these and deep fry them like the Scottish delicacy. I have had the pleasure of trying this before but my Husband hasn’t so I’m looking forward to that. As I have posted before (and I encourage you to go back and find those posts) Solkiki are my fave chocolate so I had to pick up a bar of their salted caramel. Lastly we have some dog treats for our dog-niece Poppy, we recently looked after her for a week and gave her some of these treats which she loved.

Lastly we have a product which I have seen everyone go nuts for on the internet. The vego chocolate hazelnut spread.

This spread just tastes like a melted version of the Vego chocolate hazelnut bar with crushed hazelnut pieces inside. I was discussing the uses of this with my friend Mitsu and we came up with pancakes, ice cream and of course straight from the jar with a spoon or a finger.

These foods are more than enough of a “birthday” treat for me! What foods do you like to eat on your birthday? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 25

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 22

Today’s prompt – Fancy but frugal

Today I made a lovely fancy but frugal brunch for myself of homemade houmous stuffed aubergine.

I pricked the aubergine with a fork and placed it in the oven straight onto the shelf for 30 minutes at 180°C and made my houmous in the food processor.

I used a tin of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), garlic powder, tahini, salt, lemon juice, liquid smoke and a little of the the left over chickpea water (aquafaba) from the tin in place of oil.

I don’t follow any amounts I just put in everything and then taste and add a little more of something if it needs ramping up a bit. After that I cut the aubergine in half add the houmous and a little smoked paprika on too and enjoy!

What are your favourite homemade dishes on a budget? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 22