Round up of the week’s food 160717

I’ve had a really busy weekend so didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.

I had a virus at the beginning of the week so on Monday I just had some falafel and houmous for dinner. On Tuesday I made a simple dinner (for my stomach) of cauliflower steak quinoa and carrots. This is the first time I’ve done cauliflower like this and I really enjoyed it.


On Wednesday made me burger and chips using a Quorn spicy burger. A nice mid-week treat after feeling so rotten.


On Thursday I went to Mum’s for dinner. No swimming this week as I was still recovering. We had sweet potato with houmous and salad with artichokes. Lovely, fresh and simple.


On Friday I had eaten quite a lot through the day so just wanted something small for tea. I got broad bean, asparagus and mint houmous from Tesco and some rosemary focaccia that had been marked down in Sainsburys.


I also spotted some vanilla dairy free ice cream in Sainsburys so I got that and used some of my choc orange choc shot on it. I think this is my fave of the sainsburys range.


Saturday was a busy day. I started off having breakfast at Black Cat Cafe in Hackney with my Sister-in-law and her friend. We all went for the fry up. I really enjoyed it, especially the spicy beans although I would have preferred it on a plate or the beans in a separate bowl so everything else wasn’t swimming in them!


After that we went to a demonstration against Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) which I’m going to write about separately.

On the way home we stopped by Canvas Cafe off Brick Lane to try one of their freakshakes. They’re serving them until 9pm for the next week and until 7pm for the rest of the summer. We went for the forest fruits one to share.


We also popped by As Nature Intended an organic supermarket on Commercial Road and I picked up some artichoke dip and some sprouts to go with some bread and other bits I already had for tea.


After a quick shower and a rest we headed out again to take part in a 10k Star Walk for my local St Francis Hospice where my Dad passed away in December. 600 women took part and we received lots of support from cars and passers-by as well as the fire men handing out water to us along the way!


Yesterday I was completely worn out! I ached and had blisters on my feet, but I still managed to get quite a lot of housework done. I made some pasta with roasted red peppers and garlic with a sprinkling of violife parmesan.

This week I’m out quite a lot so looking forward to the food I’m going to eat!

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160717