MOD Pizza July 2018

A week or so ago a new MOD pizza branch opened up in my town and after sampling the delights of the Leicester Square branch in London I knew this was going to a regular dinner location for my Husband and me.

MOD charges one price (£7.87) for a standard 11″ pizza and you can have as many toppings as you like. The bases are vegan and they have dairy free cheese available.

We shared a garlic bread with dairy free cheese and had a pizza each along with a refillable soft drink.

They had accidentally made too many vegan garlic bread so we got another one on the house which was a nice treat.

They certainly don’t scrimp on the toppings and the dough is light and crisp. For an extra fee you can get a thicker base which I think I’ll go for next time.

The cinnamon strips are also vegan if you ask for them to be made with oil instead of butter.

I really enjoyed my visit to MOD Pizza and will definitely be returning. I think the only thing that would make it better would be if they offered some vegan meat options.

Have you been to MOD Pizza before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

MOD Pizza July 2018

Purezza Camden May 2018

On Sunday my Husband and I were heading to Camden to see J-POP superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and needed somewhere to have dinner first.

We loved Purezza when we visited their Brighton restaurant a couple of years ago and hadn’t had the opportunity to visit their newer Camden restaurant until now.

We got to the restaurant at about 4pm so there were a few tables occupied but it wasn’t overly busy.

We decided to share a garlic bread to start. I love it when garlic bread comes with rosemary and this one didn’t disappoint!

For main my Husband chose the “Season 4 Pizza 1”

Marinated artichokes, black kalamata olives, oven roasted chestnut mushrooms & smoked beetroot carpaccio, finished with salad cress.

He enjoyed it although he isn’t a massive fan of beetroot and handed those over to me.

My pizza also had beetroot on it, I went for the Fumosa – Smoked tofu pieces, with oven roasted mushrooms and smoked beetroot carpaccio, finished with a drizzling of BBQ sauce.

Some of the beetroot was a little under-done and I definitely could have done with more mushrooms but overall I really enjoyed my pizza. The dough was so amazing, we could smell it as soon as we walked into the restaurant!

We had garlic mayo and barbeque dips with our pizzas although I couldn’t really taste any garlic in the mayo. The barbeque was quite fruity which I really liked.

I was starting to get full at this point but I could turn down a dessert! I went for the Oreo pizza and Oh My Word! was this delicious! Chocolate hazelnut spread on that amazing dough topped by Oreo cookies! I got pretty messy eating this and I had to leave a couple of the crusts but I regret nothing!

Purezza also offers a 10% student discount which is always handy to know.

I would definitely recommend stopping by if you’re in the area and fancy pizza!

Have you been to Purezza? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Purezza Camden May 2018

Round up of the week’s food 160828

I haven’t taken as many food pics this week so this post will be a little shorter than usual.

On Monday I used up my other pizza base I had bought for this olive and mushroom pizza.


On Wednesday I went round my Grandparents with my Brother. My Grandma made me a salad with a side of peanut butter and crackers and we ate put in the garden.


On Thursday I went swimming with Mum, we had a lovely salad with some nut luncheon from Holland and Barrett. The ingredients are only peanuts, water and salt. I thought it would taste too peanutty but it was really mild.


As it was pay day on Friday I treated myself to lunch from CookDaily in Shoreditch. I had “Le Garden” with tofu and vegetables in a garlicky sauce over brown rice and quinoa. I also got a coconut bubble tea with tapioca and lychee jelly from Milk Tea & Pearl.


On Friday we went to my in-laws for the weekend and I had this lovely sausage casserole.


On Sunday coming home we stopped at Yo! Sushi at Westfield Stratford for dinner. We on stalls at the conveyor belt, elbow to elbow with other diners so it was difficult to take photos. I had the tofu katsu curry, the tofu was the crunchiest I’ve ever had it. I also had the vegetable tempura which was also very crispy but a bit difficult to eat over such a small bowl. I also had a seaweed salad. They do 25% student discount (Sun – Thurs) and some restaurants do a Sunday offer of 10 plates for £20.

Hope you’ve had a good week.

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160828

Round up of the week’s food 160821

After watching the Olympics over the last two weeks I was sad to see it come to an end. But we do have the paralympics in September and hopefully Rio will put on a good games despite the cut backs.

On Monday I met my Sister-in-law at The Gallery Cafe for dinner and a catch up. If you have read my previous review I haven’t had great times there but thought I’d give it another chance. I wasn’t disappointed with my matcha latte this time and I enjoyed this giant burger with some gorgeous relish.

My work are trialling daily vegetarian options for lunch and are monitoring take up to see whether they’ll keep with it. On Tuesday I got this spicy bean burger and wedges for just £3, can’t really go wrong!


On Tuesday evening I made spaghetti with aubergine pesto and vegetables. Such a quick easy dinner.


On Wednesday I had lunch with a colleague at Bavarian Beerhouse. I’ve been a couple of times for drinks after work but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they have started serving vegan options a couple of months ago. I went for the currywurst which was about £5 on the lunchtime menu. I don’t really drink beer but thought the soft drinks were quite expensive at £3.60! I enjoyed the meal and will definitely head back to try the other options.


I went swimming with my Mum in the evening and had sausages again with beans, onion and sweet potato fries.


On Thursday I made a pizza using a ready made pizza base, Bute Island’s Greek Style Sheese, olives and capers. The Greek Style Sheese is really flavourful and very close to feta in my opinion.


On Friday I had a simple supper of jacket potato with houmous, olives and a bit more of that Sheese.


On Saturday I made a lovely Indian meal. I made some tandoori tempeh using provamel coconut soya yogurt which I bought in Holland and Barrett. This is a yogurt with absolutely no sugar unlike alpro’s plain soya yogurt so is perfect for savoury dishes. I also made curried aubergine and green rice and bought a vegetable bhaji from Sainsburys.


Yesterday I had leftovers while I binge watched Stranger Things. Let me know if you’ve seen it and what you think?

Hope you’ve had a good week!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160821

Round up of the week’s food 160424

Bit late on the round up, I have had a very busy weekend and yesterday I just wanted my bed when I got home!

Last weekend I made some almond feta and defrosted some cashew cheese I had made from the freezer and took them to work on Monday for my colleagues to try along with some French Herb Gozo Casheese I had bought. They went down well with everyone and many commented that they tasted a lot better than they expected vegan cheese to taste!


I also made some mini quiches but the pastry wasn’t cooked enough to take into work but they were ok for me! I had some for dinner with the last scrapes of cheese that were left.


On Tuesday I had some more quiche with roast potatoes and veg.


I had been feeling a little heady in the week and on Weds and Thurs I just wanted bland carbs, on Weds I had spring rolls and plain noodles and Thurs I just had chips. I know the height of vegan cuisine! Neither particularly photo worthy but they really hit the spot!

On Friday I stayed over my Mum’s house as we were heading to my Cousin’s wedding early on Saturday morning. She defrosted some black bean, quinoa and coconut stew she had in the freezer. It was delicious and something really different.


On Saturday I was honoured to give a reading at my Cousin’s wedding. They had a lovely church service followed by a reception hosted at Barnsgate Manor. My Cousin and his Wife (!) are always very accommodating to my dietary needs and their wedding day was no exception. One of the staff came and spoke to me before each course to explain what I was having and what items were vegan friendly. For starters everyone had a fruit platter, I had quite a bit of other people’s too! For main I had a stuffed squash which was one of the best mains I’ve had in a non-vegan environment! My Cousin and his Wife are fond of a cream tea so they served scones for dessert, I had my own plain and fruit scones with jam, they were so good I wolfed them down before I got a chance to take a photo!

When we got home on Sunday I was really tired so decided to go in to town for lunch. We went to Zizzi’s, and unfortunately my battery had run out on my phone so I had to use my Husband’s which doesn’t have the best camera on it! I went for olives to start and then the vegan pizza with olives, mushrooms and roasted red onions. I was pleased again with the pizza. I went for the nectarines with coconut and mango swirl ice cream for dessert. The nectarines are described as caramelised on the menu  so I expected them to be warm but they were almost frozen solid and I struggled to get my spoon through them to cut them. The ice cream was nice but I don’t think I would order it again. Has anyone else tried this dessert? I don’t know if was served as it was supposed to be or whether I just got a dodgy one! I was disappointed they didn’t serve dairy-free milk as I really fancied an Earl Grey tea. I would think that a restaurant with a vegan menu would have a vegan milk option! I raised my disappointment with them on Twitter and they responded it is something they are currently looking into as they have had many enquiries for it. Hopefully it won’t be too long!


Have a good week!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160424

Round up of the week’s food 160320

I’ve had a horrible cold this week so I’ve had a lot of comfort food while I’ve been feeling sorry for myself!

On Sunday evening we had this lamb style casserole from More Than Meat you can read my full review of their product range here.


On Monday we shared this jumbo sausage roll for breakfast.


On Monday evening we had a cooked breakfast for dinner trying out some lorne sausages and Follow your heart’s vegan egg. It’s made from a seaweed derivative and gets thicker as you scramble it. I found it smelt more eggy than it tasted so I might spice it up a bit more next time I cook it.


Tuesday we had burger and chips. I don’t eat burgers very often so this was a nice change and I love all the condiments with the fried onion and pickles etc.


At work my team of about 14 only includes 3 women so I arranged a lunch for us so we could go out and not have to talk about football the whole time! I chose wagamama as it’s really close to our office and there are a number of dishes that are vegan or can easily be veganised. Be sure to ask your server they’re usually very helpful. I had the spicy tofu salad which I’ve had before. it’s lovely and fresh and has a spicy but sweet chili dressing. I also had some miso soup and pickles. I had one of their juices to drink made up of kiwi, avocado and apple.


Everyone has been raving about the new vegan cheese at pizza chain Zizzi, so when my friend suggested we go out for dinner on Wednesday night I thought we must try it out. We had a vegan garlic bread to start and then I went for the pizza, you have a margarita and select what toppings you want. I asked for balsamic onions, olives and mushrooms but they forgot my olives! Even without them my pizza was lush. Unfortunately the service was so slow we didn’t have time for dessert but I’m looking forward to the baked nectarines with coconut and mango swirl sorbet next time!

On Thursday we still had burgers and buns to use up so we had a re-run of Tuesday’s dinner. Still great the second time round!

Friday we decided to have a Chinese takeaway. Our local one has a great range of vegetarian dishes and many have options with or without egg. I went for vegetarian satay skewers, sweet and sour deep fried aubergine balls and seaspice beancurd with boiled rice. A real Friday night treat!

Yesterday we had an active day, we went over to the cemetery to visit my Dad’s grave and then went over to the country park opposite. On our way home we popped into town as well and picked up a few bits. I had some potatoes to use up so decided to have bangers and mash. I used these sausages from Dee’s Wholefoods which I bought in Holland & Barrett. They have a really great flavour and go well with fried onions and gravy!


Today I’m off swimming as it’s been a couple of weeks since I last went. I’m also going to try and pop in to Tesco as I’ve been seeing lots of new exciting free from products pop up on my time line that I want to try!

Have a good week!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160320

Round up of the week’s food 160313

I’d already decided to make a pie on Tuesday when I found out it was British pie week! On Monday my husband was out for the evening so I wanted an easy dinner before I watched some rubbish TV! I found this VBites turkey style, ham style and leek pie in the freezer that my Grandparents had given me. It was a bit salty for me but went well with my roasted and steamed veg.

On Tuesday I made chicken style and mushroom pies using the vegan Quorn pieces I had bought in Asda. The Quorn had a nice texture and soaked up the flavour from the herby gravy I had made. My non-vegan husband also enjoyed the meal.

As I had made four individual pies we had them again on Wednesday, (it was pie week after all!) this time I had lovely fluffy mustard mash with mine.


On Thursday I had been invited to a screening of the film Pride by a former colleague as part of her new company’s inclusion week. If you haven’t seen the film about the Lesbian and Gay support the Miners campaign it is a must. I first saw it on an aeroplane so it was nice to see it on a bigger screen and have have your tissues ready as I cried both times! They provided catered and did me these lovely chinese buns with red pepper and chili sauce and nachos with avocado and caramelised onion relish. As I didn’t know what would be available I also bought a baguette from Pret a Manger. They always carry a vegan sandwich and this one is avocado, olive tapenade, sun dried tomatoes and rocket. It’s really substantial and great to grab when you’re on the go.

On Friday I came down to Bournemouth to spend the weekend with my friend and her family. She told me she was making homemade pizza so I bought some violife cheese and Tofurkey Polish sausage to go on top. The base was really well risen and this was great after a long journey down from London.


On Saturday after a morning shopping, (see post here) we had lunch at Mad Cucumber  (see review here).

On Saturday evening we had a lovely meal at with my friend’s daughter at Zoukinis (see review here).



This morning I had my Amy’s Kitchen breakfast sandwich to set me up for the long journey home. (Don’t you just love Sunday train services!)


I had a pretty good week foodwise and I’ve got a couple of meals out planned for this week coming, so I look forward to telling you all about those!

Plumes x




Round up of the week’s food 160313

Review – Purezza

As soon as I heard about Purezza I knew I had to visit. A 100% vegan Italian pizzeria?! Yes Please! I have been looking over the menu all week and was glad we booked as they were turning people away when we showed up.

For starters we had a garlic bread to share. I quite fancied the farinata but as I wasn’t sure how big the portions would be I didn’t want to risk it! In the end I’m glad I didn’t as the garlic bread was huge and really tasty.


For our mains we both chose stuffed crust quattro stagioni  (four seasons). These came with artichokes, olives, mushrooms and seitan salami. The cheese was lovely and gooey and oozy. I haven’t had a stuffed crust in years so was so glad I could try this out. I really liked the seitan salami although I think we could have done with a bit more on our pizzas. Ollie was impressed with the vegan cheese having never had it before.


I really liked the look of the dessert menu, with a chocolate calzone and ice cream from Boho Gelato (which I make a point of visiting every time I visit Brighton). But unfortunately we were too full!

Purezza also serve salads, yogurts, cakes and pastries along with pizza all day.

I’d really recommend Purezza not only if you’re vegan but if you just love pizza! And make sure you book a table in advance!

Have you tried out Purezza? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – Purezza

Review – Fed by Water

So tonight I went for dinner with my friend Jo. We work at the same company but in different departments. My department moved offices in November so it’s now a bit difficult to meet for lunch. We both live in the same direction so decided to do dinner, which also means we can travel a bit further as we aren’t restricted to an hour.

I had seen lots of people post photos of their pizzas from Fed by Water and I had to try it out. It’s only a 20 min bus ride from work in rush hour and is right opposite Dalston Kingsland overground station. This place is very vegan friendly, they serve meaty, vegetarian and vegan food which is great for mixed parties but there are lots of “Go Vegan” messages on the walls which I loved!

To start we shared some focaccia bread. I love a good focaccia and this one was lovely seasoned with salt and rosemary. We had oil and balsamic glaze to dip it into.


I had looked at the menu before hand and spent a long time looking through the long list of vegan pizzas. I chose this one with olives, capers, rocket and smoked tofu. You can have a crispy or soft base – I went for soft. We were surprised at the size of these pizzas, they were definitely value for money!


Jo went for the “Hot” one with spicy seitan salami. Jo isn’t vegan but she was intrigued to try the vegan cheese. She said she didn’t even notice the difference. I tried a bit of her salami and it was too spicy for me (I am a bit of a wimp!) but she asked for extra chilli flakes!


We were both well and truly stuffed by this point and so because of this and my pledge to reduce my sugar intake during Lent we decided against dessert.

When we next go we think we’ll share one pizza between us as the sweet pizzas on the dessert menu looked so tempting!

I couldn’t leave my husband out so I got him a pizza and garlic bread to take home and stunk out the train!

Have you been to Fed by Water? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – Fed by Water