Planet Organic Vegan Market

This week the organic supermarket Planet Organic held vegan markets at their various stores around London showcasing some of the products they sell with the opportunity to meet the product company owners and trying loads of samples!

I attended the market at Devonshire Square with my vegan pal Mitsu yesterday.

I have used clearspring products for a long time but I’ve never tried their soya mince/chunks. I’ve been reducing my processed soy consumption but for those once in a while times this looks like a good option as they use organic European soya beans.

I love the spiralina bounce balls and they’ve just had a revamp of their packaging. These are great as a snack or to have pre or post exercise.

This was a company I haven’t heard of, they make falafel and wraps which contain 5 different vegetables. The falafel a are baked and come with a dip.

These Be Mindfuel soups are high in protein and are the thickest powdered soups I’ve ever come across. I like to make my own soup so I don’t think I would use these but they are great to have in your cupboard or drawer at work.

I’ve tried cheese from Nutcrafter Creamery before but I was really excited to try their new alternative to Halloumi that I had seen on their instagram feed. It didn’t disappoint! All their cheeses are cashew based and they also have a cashew based “butter”.

I’ve seen these pastas made with beans in various location but it was mainly the price that put me off. We tried the soya beans spaghetti in a tomato sauce and it was really filling. You definitely would need to put a lot with this so it like having a complete meal which definitely makes it more attractive to me.

Coconut Collaborative make gorgeous yogurts, frozen yogurts and desserts. My Mum is a new convert to their little chocolate pots and they’ve just released some some little lemon pots which I’m really excited to try. 

Lastly we have Themptation with their hemp based houmous and pesto. These were really tasty and an easy way to get some hemp into your diet with all those omega 3’s.

It was really great to see Planet Organic promoting these vegan products and suppliers. It’s so nice to meet the people that make these products and get a real sense of their ethos and trying before you buy is always good!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Planet Organic Vegan Market

Review – Sweet Greens Bournemouth

I went to visit my dear friend Karen last weekend. We see each other a couple of times a year and don’t speak much in the in-between so we have end up having a massive catch up!

When we were driving on Friday we passed a place that I noticed said “vegan” in the window and it wasn’t a place that I had seen coming up when I’d done my research on vegan Bournemouth. So the next day after we’d been vintage shopping I suggested we pop in for a hot drink and a cake.

Sweet Greens is an organic vegan cafe that specialises in raw food. It was a shame we had already eaten lunch (it was about 3pm we stopped by) as their counter looked full of yummy goodness including some stuffed mushrooms that looked particularly appetising.

We were eyeing up the banoffee pie on the menu but unfortunately it had been so popular it had already sold out. I went for a mint chocolate caramel slice and a matcha latte, while Karen and Jenna had a mint choc slice and a peanut butter slice to share with their drinks.


The slice had a raw oatly flapjack like base with a mint caramel green layer and then the thick dark raw chocolate on top. This tasted really luxurious and not as saintly as some of the other raw desserts I’ve tried! Karen found it a bit rich and said she’d struggle to eat a whole piece. I loved the mug my latte came in and the sugar on the table was coconut palm.

The cafe itself is small and quirky, I wish I’d taken some photos of the inside. They had a bookshelf of vegan books you could read while eating and I had a good browse!

Next time I’m down in Bournemouth I’ll definitely be heading back to try out their lunch options and get my hands on some banoffee pie if I’m fast enough!

Have you been to Sweet Greens? What did you think? Do you have any other recommendations for vegan options on Bournemouth? Let  know in the comments.

Plumes x

Review – Sweet Greens Bournemouth