Club Mexicana @ Dinerama

Today I had lunch with my friend Mitsu at Dinerama in Shoreditch. I’ve sampled Club Mexicana at some of their other locations but this was my first time at Dinerama and as it’s only a 15 minute walk from work it definitely won’t be last!

There were a few things on the menu I wanted to try so I decided to go for it and have the leftovers for dinner.

I had a pulled jackfruit tinga taco, chick’n wings and beer battered cheeze fries while Mitsu went for chick’n Caesar burrito.

The pulled jackfruit taco was really tasty but a bit difficult to eat as the filling was so generous! The chick’n wings had a really good texture and the crispy batter was amazing! Now the cheeze fries were just out of this world! Oozy, gooey deliciousness!

Have you been lucky enough to sample the delights of Club Mexicana? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Club Mexicana @ Dinerama

Review – Mestizo

Today I spent the day with one of my best friends. We used to live together at uni and I can’t believe we’ve known each other over 12 years! After we arranged to meet today I found out its Galentines Day, a day to celebrate friendships with your fellow gals!

We went to the British Library to see an exhibition on Alice in Wonderland. (It’s open until 17th April you can find the details here). It was really interesting to see original notebooks from Lewis Carroll and original illustrations and how the story has been reinvented over the 150 years since it was first published. I bought a canvas bag as I am always losing mine (or leaving them on trains!) and a little present for someone I won’t mention here!


After the exhibition we went to have lunch at  Mestizo a Mexican restaurant  nearby. I have been meaning to go for a while and the British Library is so close it was a great opportunity! Mestizo serves meat but also has a vegan menu. My friend is Muslim and only eats Halal meat so was happy to join me on the vegan menu.


We went for taco tray – four fillings, nopales (cactus leaf), flor de calabaza (courgette flowers), cuitlacoche (black corn mushrooms), and grilled vegetables with guacamole, beans, pico di galo, salsa roja, salsa verde, onion and coriander all served with warm corn tortillas. All this different fillings were great and I especially liked the flor de calabaza and the cuitlacoche. My friend and I also loved the salsa verde which we were pouring on every taco! I will definitely be going back to try some of their other offerings. The only disappointing thing was that they had run out of soya milk so I had to have my earl grey tea black! This was such a shame as if they’d told me before I had ordered I might have gone for a peppermint one instead.

As its my birthday soon my friend also brought me a present her daughters had picked out for me – vegan fudge! As it’ll still be Lent when I celebrate my birthday I’ll save this for Easter.


All in all we had a fab Galentines Day and were left full and very happy ladies!


Plumes x

Review – Mestizo