February Round Up

How has the month been?

I started the month off by visiting my Husband’s family and catching a cold from our germ-infested nieces! This lasted a couple weeks but ever since I have felt really exhausted. I assume this is just a hangover of the virus but I’m going to get some blood tests to see if anything else is going on there. Although I’ve been very tired it hasn’t really affected what I have done apart from less exercise/running and more naps! It was also my birthday this month and I have had a great time celebrating which I’ll share more with you below.

What new foods have I tried this month?

When I looked through my photos this month I couldn’t believe have many new things I have tried. Who said being vegan was boring?!


I celebrated 10 years with  company at the beginning of the month so I brought in some yummy vegan treats. I made a jaffa drizzle cake, which is an orange drizzle cake with a thin layer of dark chocolate on top. This was delicious and I’ll definitely be making it again.


I went out with some colleagues  to Ekachai as one of our work friends was leaving the company. It is a South East Asian restaurant which is very efficient for lunchtime eating! I had this gorgeous tempeh curry and there are a few vegan or easily veganised dishes on the menu.

I went down to visit my friend Karen and her family in Bournemouth this month it was so nice to pick up some provisions so easily in Waterloo station. I got four vegan cupcakes for us to share from Lola’s Cupcakes and it’s great to see them continuing to expand their vegan range.

We went out to Wagamama for dinner and I had the itame coconut, chilli and lime soup with tofu and vegetables. I’ve never had this dish before as I prefer the noodles to soup but as I had this stinking cold I thought it would do me good! It was really tasty and I had some cauliflower in a lovely sticky chilli sauce as a side.


We stopped for a hot drink and a cake at Sweet Greens which I wrote about in this post.


I asked Dani from Vida Bakery to make my caterpillar birthday cake and she certainly didn’t disappoint!


I celebrated my birthday eating food from Vegan Peasant which I wrote about here.

On Saturday I went to a local independent space and had a lovely chocolate brownie and Earl Grey. It’s nice to see small, local places catering to vegans.

On Sunday we took a trip to Green Bay and I bought all this swag I’m currently working through.


And finally on the food front we used the sgaia bacon pictured above with some mushrooms in a giant pancake to share to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.


What have I enjoyed?

I went vintage clothes shopping with my Sister-in-law on the first weekend in February which I wrote about here and I also picked up this fab vintage swimsuit in Bournemouth.


I had a fab time in Bournemouth as a whole, even the body combat class we did on Sunday morning!

I spent some time catching up with friends who I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve now known these ladies over 10 years!


I loved receiving all these gorgeous presents for my birthday.

I completed my second parkrun of the year and felt better afterwards than the first one and I bought myself a Lush giraffe bubble bar to celebrate.

Plans for March

We are heading down to Ramsgate for a belated birthday weekend away. I plan on taking part in a march against racism and we have tickets to see Post Modern Jukebox at the end of the month. If you haven’t heard them, check them out on YouTube.

How has your February been? Let me know in the comments.

Plumes x

February Round Up

Review – Mestizo

Today I spent the day with one of my best friends. We used to live together at uni and I can’t believe we’ve known each other over 12 years! After we arranged to meet today I found out its Galentines Day, a day to celebrate friendships with your fellow gals!

We went to the British Library to see an exhibition on Alice in Wonderland. (It’s open until 17th April you can find the details here). It was really interesting to see original notebooks from Lewis Carroll and original illustrations and how the story has been reinvented over the 150 years since it was first published. I bought a canvas bag as I am always losing mine (or leaving them on trains!) and a little present for someone I won’t mention here!


After the exhibition we went to have lunch at  Mestizo a Mexican restaurant  nearby. I have been meaning to go for a while and the British Library is so close it was a great opportunity! Mestizo serves meat but also has a vegan menu. My friend is Muslim and only eats Halal meat so was happy to join me on the vegan menu.


We went for taco tray – four fillings, nopales (cactus leaf), flor de calabaza (courgette flowers), cuitlacoche (black corn mushrooms), and grilled vegetables with guacamole, beans, pico di galo, salsa roja, salsa verde, onion and coriander all served with warm corn tortillas. All this different fillings were great and I especially liked the flor de calabaza and the cuitlacoche. My friend and I also loved the salsa verde which we were pouring on every taco! I will definitely be going back to try some of their other offerings. The only disappointing thing was that they had run out of soya milk so I had to have my earl grey tea black! This was such a shame as if they’d told me before I had ordered I might have gone for a peppermint one instead.

As its my birthday soon my friend also brought me a present her daughters had picked out for me – vegan fudge! As it’ll still be Lent when I celebrate my birthday I’ll save this for Easter.


All in all we had a fab Galentines Day and were left full and very happy ladies!


Plumes x

Review – Mestizo