Vegan Camp Out 2017

On Friday my Sister-in-law Gemma and I headed up to Nottingham for the Vegan Camp Out. Unfortunately it took us a bit longer than expected due to traffic but we made it there before nightfall and worked as a team to get the tent up! This was my first time camping ever (!) so you can see how proud I am celebrating with a can of Brewdog Punk IPA in front of our tent! 

We headed over to the main tent to watch Carl Donnelly’s set. I have been aware of this vegan comedian for a number of years and follow him on Twitter so it was good to be able to watch him in person. He was very funny and recounted vegan experiences the audience knew all too well!

After that we wanted some food. There were only 4 stalls serving food for over 2000 people (!) But after a 1 and a half hour wait we got our chomps around some battered sausages and chips from Battered. By this time it was dark and we were so hungry there wasn’t time for a photo!

We went back to the tent to get some shut eye but unfortunately we had some very noisy neighbours (from other reports a lot of the campers were of the partying in the small hours variety!) so I didn’t have a great night’s sleep.

In the morning we had a cooked breakfast on the camping stove to give us some energy for the day.

After that came the washing up before we headed over to the marquees for some talks.

We listened to Earthling Ed who I had recently followed on Facebook who gave some insight into activism, then I saw a talk and Q&A from a man from Nottingham Hunt Sabatours. It was really interesting and something I want to look into a bit more. After a nap in the tent we took part in a workshop on toxic masculinity and veganism, which again was very insightful and an area I am very interested in.

As we had a bit of a gap before the next thing we wanted to see we thought we’d brave the dreaded food queues! We decided to split up with me tackling the pizza queue and my Sister-in-law tackling the doner one. I got chatting to a couple of ladies from Manchester and I’d even been on the same greyhound protest with one of them in January! This time it took us an hour to get our food so we headed over to the main marquee to hear Juliet Galletley founder of Viva! speak and introduce the film Swine about the pig industry. 

After that we all huddled in the tent to see who I think was the most anticipated speaker of the weekend, James Aspey. I had never heard of him before although my Sister-in-law and I had noticed him (wink) earlier in the day walking around. He had a great way of speaking and telling his story and I would recommend you Google him as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog!

Afterwards we headed back to the tent and had some drinking fudge from Fudge Kitchen that we had bought from the Viva! stall. It  was delicious!

 All in all we had a fab time. We met some lovely people including a couple who are soon to be living very close to me! There were a few hiccups but the organisers seem to be taking all the feedback on board from what I have seen. This is only the second year of this event and I am really grateful to them for organising it. 2018 promises to be bigger and better and tickets are already on sale!

Did you go to the camp out? What did you think? Would this be something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments.

Plumes x

Vegan Camp Out 2017


In the UK fox hunting is illegal although hunts still take place throughout the year and traditionally on Boxing day they have to comply with certain rules.


The full outline of the Hunting Act 2005 can be found here.

The Conservative party stated in their manifesto they would call a vote to have the ban repealed even though the majority of the public are in favour of the ban remaining in place.

Articles published today from Huffington Post and The Independent put the figure at 84% of the public in favour of keeping the ban (including those from both urban and rural communities).


Whether we eat meat, are vegetarian or vegan it doesn’t seem like many of us agree with an animal being scared, exhausted from running for its life and then being ripped to shreds by dogs.

The League Against Cruel Sports estimates 16,000 illegal fox hunts have taken place since the ban has been in place.

Hunt Saboteurs are a campaign group who seek to disturb illegal hunts but quite often find opposition from the police themselves.


I can’t see any argument for repealing the ban. Although I personally don’t agree with the killing of any animal, if you argue foxes are a pest to be culled they should be shot rather than chased with horses and dogs in some odd antiquated pageantry. If you argue it’s a tradition of the countryside then take part in a dry hunt.

If you are not the UK I would compel you to contact your MP when the vote is announced to voice your objection to repealing the ban.

Unfortunately I am well aware that my MP was against the ban when the original vote came to parliament in 2004 so I know he will be favour of a repeal, but I will still let him know my opinions (as I often do!)

What’s your opinion on this issue? Let me know in the comments.

Plumes x