Haul from Just V Show

I went to Just V Show today with my Mum at Olympia. It is hosted in the same space as the Allergy Free From Show and the Love Natural Love You Show. This is my favourite vegan show/fayre of the year. It’s well spaced out and easy to navigate with all the stalls clearly labelled with numbers.


We received a free goody bag from the allergy show on the way in. I was really impressed with the contents. There were a few non-vegan items which I haven’t shown here. There was also a fizzy orange drink that I drank on the way home.


I bought this goody bag for £5 from TeenVGN who are an organisation who run support, networking and education for vegan and veggie teens. I got 3 mini mags a recipe mag, a bag, a sticker and 3 snack bars.


For lunch I had this deep fried seitan with coleslaw from Temple of Seitan. I saw lots of people post about these guys on Friday and I knew I wanted to try them. I wasn’t disappointed! They are currently doing vegan fayres with the plan to find some premises to open up in a permanent spot.


I bought these Dr Who shaped chocolates for my Husband from Cocoa Feliz. I love these guys and have bought their boxed chocolates a few times for presents. It’s nice to get a posh box of fully vegan chocs!


I bought this coconut sauerkraut from Rhythm. I’ve been getting into fermented foods recently and this benefits from the sauerkraut and the kefir in the coconut.


I love Follow Your Heart and always stock up at shows. I got the soya free vegenaise and a free tote bag!

I’m not in love with the flavoured mylks from Rebel Kitchen but I was impressed with their coconut yogurt and gave their coconut water a go as it was only  £1.

I love a round up from Ananda Foods. These are made up of marshmallow, biscuit and chocolate. My Sister-in-law asked me to get her a mint one and I went for an orange one along with the original (they also do a gluten free version)20160709_155939

I have wanted to try the doughnuts from Ruby’s of London for a while now and I finally got my chance! I had a chai spiced and a white chocolate raspberry. These are more of a baked cakey doughnut than a deep fried one and went down a treat with me!


Lastly from me, were some supplies from Ecozone which were 50% off. I love their ethos and that they are completely vegan!


My Mum got two packets of Linda McCartney burgers with a cool bag for £2! (Although she had asked for one pack to be sausages!). Blue Sheese from Bute Island Foods, nutritional yeast from Marigold Health Foods and some cruelty free perfume inspired by Marc Jacobs “Daisy” from Eden Perfumes.20160709_180829

I love meeting the people behind the products when I go to shows and find out why they chose to make them and where they source their ingredients. All the samples let you try before you buy and the deals are great too!

If you have a vegan fayre/market/show going on local to you I would recommend you attend and see what is available, remember to wear your fat pants!

Plumes x


Haul from Just V Show

Round up of the week’s food 160327

Happy Easter everyone!

This week I haven’t been great at remembering to take photos of my food so this post will be a little bit more text based.

Last Sunday after swimming my Mum and I went to a local Japanese takeaway/cafe. I’ve had takeaway delivered from there before but never eaten in. They do a great build your own option where you pick your own rice/noodles, protein option, vegetables and sauce. I went for thai fried tofu, udon in mild curry sauce with butternut squash and hoi sin aubergine. Mum had the same but with broccoli instead in butternut. The tofu was really crispy and the sauce was tasty and really light too.


On Sunday night I had a bit of a mishmash of things from the freezer. A lorne sausage from More than Meat, garlic dough balls from Tesco’s free from range, hash browns and sweetcorn.


On Monday night I had a Fry’s country pie (chicken style and mushroom) with loads of veg. An easy weeknight dinner.


On Tuesday I made pasta, I had an avocado that needed using up so made a sauce by mashing it up with the juice of a lemon and black pepper. I added red onions, peas, olives and a tofurkey kielbasa sausage I had left over. This is the first time I’ve made avocado pasta sauce but I’ll definitely be doing it again.


On Wednesday we had an issue with our dishwasher so had nothing clean to cook with; I decided to just go to the chip shop rather than do some washing up! I just had chips and salad so not really photo worthy!

On Thursday I went swimming with my Mum. She made a lovely lentil stew but as I had been fasting I was really hungry and had wolfed it down before I remembered to take a photo!

On Friday my husband I spent the day in London and went had lunch at Top Dog and then icecream at Yorica! You can read my full review here.

We then went to see Batman V. Superman at the cinema, it was alright, not as bad as some of the reviews made out anyway! By the time we got back to our station it was quite late so we just got a McDonalds, I had the spicy veggie deluxe (no mayo) with fries and a bottle of water.

Yesterday I had a bit of an odd day food wise. I had a late breakfast of hash browns and then grabbed a couple of burritos for my husband and me and a fruit salad which we ate mid-afternoon once I got home from shopping. I wasn’t really hungry enough for a big dinner so just ended up having the other Fry’s pie I had in the freezer.

I took forever to get to sleep last night and coupled with the clocks going forward it was quite late by the time I got up this morning (at least it was still morning!)  So I decided to make a brunch frittata using onions, courgette and a couple of slices of violife cheese I had left over. This is one of my fave recipes and great for using stuff up.


I’m enjoying my Easter Sunday afternoon watching the classic 80’s Pretty in Pink. Hope you’re having a good one too!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160327