Vegan Lunch for One

During the Canada Goose protest I had to take a break to get some food, refuel and rest my voice! I headed over to Wardour Street as I know they had lots of vegan options.

I had my main course at Banana Tree, I love that they automatically hand you a vegetarian menu with the main one to make things easier. I went for the tamarind aubergine combo which comes with rice, corn cakes, salad and a sesame cracker. The curry was the right level of spicy for me and I mixed in the rice to balance it out for me. The dressing on the salad was also really nice and I do love a good corn cake!

I headed over to Yorica (pronounced Eureka) for dessert and had waffles with mint choc chip and salted caramel topped with passionfruit and caramel sauce. I thought it was a little pricey but but it’s such a rare treat I didn’t mind so much. The flavours were fab and mint was a definite fave of mine pre-vegan and it’s so hard to get hold of a vegan version!

I know when I’m in the West End there’s always plenty of options for me down Wardour Street so I’ll return time and time again. 

Have you been? What would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Vegan Lunch for One

Review – Banana Tree

I usually go to The Sadlers Wells theatre at least once a year for a show and will always have a meal at The Gate vegetarian restaurant. To get to the restaurant (and to the theatre) I always pass by a branch of Banana Tree and think I must come here when I’m in the area doing something else, well about 6 years later that time came!

My Sister-in-law and I were going to a vintage sale (more of that in a separate post!) so I suggested we go to Banana Tree before hand for some lunch. I looked on the website and they had a separate vegetarian menu and even specified which dishes could be veganised.

The labelling on the full menu was also clear when we were in the restaurant.


I decided to have some Jasmine Silver Needle tea and it came in this really cute teapot.


We decided to get the crispy dough to start. It came with a satay dipping sauce and was perfectly pleasant but I don’t think I would get it again. I think I would have preferred a sweet chilli sauce but my Sister-in-law was loving the satay!


I went for the blackened monk’s vegetables for main. This had vegetables and tofu with soy rice noodles and it came with corn cakes and a sesame cracker. It was really tasty and so filling!


My Sister-in-law went for the tamarind aubergine combo (which comes with savoury rice, corn cakes and a cracker). I had a little taste and I could definitely go for this!


The food was great and I thought it was good value for money but now onto the service.

My tea came first, then our shared starter with my main, then five minutes later my Sister-in-law’s main but we had to wait even longer and then ended up having to ask for our cold drinks. The menu did state starters, it wasn’t like Wagamama where everything comes out when it comes out. When we got the bill my Sister-in-law’s juice wasn’t on it so we didn’t let them know as it had taken so long to come out we were happy they had either forgotten or taken it off! When we had paid and were waiting for change we saw the server who had taken our money serving other customers. We thought this was odd and were going to try to get his attention but a couple of minutes later another staff member brought it to us. The restaurant was not busy so I’m not sure why the service was so erratic. Maybe I’d try a different branch next time to see if the service was any better.

Have you been to Banana Tree? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

Plumes x

Review – Banana Tree