Review – Afternoon tea @ Terre a Terre

My cousin Katy and I enjoy spending time together in Brighton so when she said she had never been for a full afternoon tea we decided we must go for her birthday celebration and Terre a Terre hit the spot.


I had visited before for dinner with my Husband in February for my own birthday which you can read about here.

We were seated in the front of restaurant rather than the main dining room so we could feel a little bit of a breeze on a very warm Sunday afternoon.

We both had the vegan afternoon tea, which started with the savoury plate.


The Thai rice balls were definitely the most flavourful and not like anything I’ve tried before. I do love a good Chinese bun and this marinated tofu one did not disappoint!


For our first dessert tier we had –


I loved the sorbet, an unusual addition on an afternoon tea and the sweet dukka really set it off.

On tier two there was –


The alcoholic milkshake was a lovely addition and Katy was really taken by the peanut caramel truffle.

Lastly we had –


The scones were really nice, not dry at all – helped I assume by the tea soaking! The coconut cream tasted quite acidic to me, almost like coconut yogurt. We had this all washed down with some very fragrant Jasmine tea.


The service was a little bit slow on getting our savoury course out but we did overhear our waiter complaining to the kitchen so we were assured this wasn’t standard. At £22 each I think this was great value for money. We had our taste buds tantalised and we were well and truly full by the time we left and managed to roll ourselves back up the hill to the train station!

I would definitely recommend this tea for any celebration or just a fab day out!


Plumes x

Review – Afternoon tea @ Terre a Terre

Review – Afternoon Tea by The Vegan Ronin

On Sunday I went for afternoon tea prepared by Jhenn, The Vegan Ronin. If you haven’t seen my review of her Japanese Supper Club you should check it out. When I saw the list of her upcoming events I knew I wanted to try out her afternoon tea.

I was supposed to be going with my Mum but unfortunately she had come down with a heavy cold. The good thing about supper clubs is that they are social events so it doesn’t matter if you go alone as you will be happily chatting aware to the other guests in no time!

To start we had a cashew nut ball with homemade kale and chili crackers. I really enjoyed the nut cheese and although I enjoyed the crackers as well, they were a little bit too spicy for me. I enjoy the taste of chili but unfortunately my body doesn’t handle it too well!


Next course was the sandwiches. We were treated to queso blanco and watercress, Avocado creme with cucumber and spring onion slaw, Seitan with tarragon mustard and baby kale and Coronation mushroom with mango chutney. The queso blanco  (white cheese) was soft and creamy with a delicate flavour and went well with the watercress. I enjoyed the seitan and I am a massive mustard fan but like the chili in the crackers this was a bit strong for me. My favourite was the coronation  mushroom, the sauce was really tasty and creamy and went well with the mango chutney. I also enjoyed the different breads the sandwiches were served on.


Next up we had the traditional scones with jam and cream. The scones were still warm from the oven and tasted lovely with the homemade strawberry jam and cream. They were so good I just had to have two although at this point I was starting to feel a bit full!


Our final course was dessert. We had a mango crumble, chocolate torte with a caramel sauce and meringue nests with blueberries and pomegranate. The mango crumble was nicely spiced and the fruit was lovely and sweet. The chocolate torte was really rich and quite bitter but this went well with the sweet caramel sauce. It was my first time trying aquafaba meringues and they didn’t disappoint. They were crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle.


I really enjoyed all the food, perhaps a little too much as I felt I would need rolling out of there by the end!

My advice would be to serve the sandwiches as fingers so you get to try all the different flavours of the filling without too much of the very filling bread. Also the desserts could have been smaller portions, although I didn’t complain about my doggy bag of chocolate torte and extra meringues!

I would really recommend attending a supper club if you get the chance to go to one and I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to sample some great food.

Plumes x

Review – Afternoon Tea by The Vegan Ronin