Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 16

Today’s prompt – Pantry Meal

My cupboards are so well stocked at the moment I’m finding it hard to get anything more into them so I definitely need to have a run down!

I was really fancying something sweet so with nothing ready made to hand I decided to go with these two recipes. I have had this chocolate houmous recipe in my bookmarks for a while so I decided to pair it with these almond cookies for a gluten free treat. I use ground almonds to make vegan cheese so there is always some in my cupboard. I also make savoury houmous regularly so there’s always chickpeas and tahini about.

The houmous was wetter than I was expecting and think it definitely needed some more tahini and possibly some salt (my Husband wasn’t keen on this at all and said it was too chickpea-y) so it needs some work. The almond cookies however were so quick and easy to make these are definitely going to be made again.

What are your go to cupboard favourites? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 16

One thought on “Vegan MoFo 18 – Day 16

  1. When we lived in the UK, we used to do a big shop every Friday and as we had a car we’d always get loads of tins and grains and be really well stocked up. Now without a car we tend to do smaller shops and never have many supplies in – mac and cheese is now my only real storecupboard meal because I always have pasta, nooch, and cashews!

    I can’t quite come to terms with sweet hummus. In theory I know it should work, but I find it difficult to change my understanding of hummus as a savoury dish.

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