Mini Tesco Vegan Haul

I don’t often do a big shop in Tesco as I don’t drive and don’t have a larger store that close to me. As I had seen Tesco had launched some new vegan products I made a special visit after swimming with my Mum this week.

I’ve tried some of the Wicked Kitchen range before so I picked up one of my faves the BBQ mushroom pizza. I also got the gunpowder potato chana masala which I haven’t tried before to take to work for lunch.

I love the thick and creamy Alpro Go On soya yogurts so I always pick up a couple when I visit any supermarket stocking them. I also picked up one of Alpro’s newer products the big pot in their “more fruit, no added sugar” range in mango. I’ve seen these on other people’s feeds and was really interested in trying them. The last Alpro product is a mini version of their chilled caramel coffee drinks. I’ve tried the hazelnut version in the larger pack and love that they’ve released these smaller versions for when you’re on the go.

I have also seen the Swedish Glace caramel toffee cones online and I had one of these in the car on the way home. It’s great to see the variety of vegan ice cream expanding and these are a great addition.

My favourite Nakd bars are the peanut ones but unfortunately this this Tesco store didn’t stock them, but they did have these Peanut Nine bars and they were offer so I’m going to give these a go.

Lastly I bought the Vivera Veggie Shawarma Kebab. I have tried other Vivera products such as the pulled veggie (alternative to pulled pork) and the chicken style pieces. Now Tesco have started selling these products they have an exclusive to sell the veggie steak which has been written about quite a lot in the press. Unfortunately they had all sold out of the steaks. My Mum took the last veggie fish gougons and I had the last veggie kebab pack so it’s great to see how popular these products are. Hopefully they can keep up with demand so people aren’t disappointed.

Other new products I saw but didn’t buy were these Salted Caramel Pots from The Coconut Collaborative, I was very tempted by these but as we had a heavy eating session in Camden this week (if you’ve seen my other recent blog posts!) I wanted to lay off too many desserts but will definitely pick these up in the future.

Another coconut product are these Alpro coconut desserts available in the dry goods free from aisle. I think there are five flavours of this range now, so again it is great to see more products available and ranges expanding.

Lastly we have these burgers from Strong Roots. My freezer is pretty full at the moment but I love the sound of these as they are more veggie based rather than a meat alternative.

What new vegan products have you been trying out lately? What am I missing? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Mini Tesco Vegan Haul

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