A Vegan Meal at Ember Inns

We have a couple of pubs in our area which are part of the Ember Inns chain so when my Mum said she didn’t fancy cooking after our weekly swimming session yesterday I had a look at the menu for the pub near the swimming pool.

I knew they previously had one vegan option but I was pleased to see they have now upped this to three!

I chose the tarte tatin and Mum went for cottage pie (which is the option that was previously available and we have both tried before).

Mum’s cottage pie looked really nice and warming, especially on a chilly February evening after being in a cold swimming pool! She said she really enjoyed it especially the onion gravy in the pie.

My tarte tatin was so good! I loved the sweet sticky vegetables with a hint of balsamic and the pastry was great too. I was glad it came with baby potatoes rather than mash so it was a bit lighter with the tarte.

It is so nice to go to a local pub and have a choice of vegan meals rather than having to amend veggie options or be stuck with a jacket potato and beans.

I have also seen the Vintage Inn chain have introduced a vegan menu so will have to try them out soon!

Have you eaten as a vegan in an Ember Inn? What did you think? What are the vegan options like in your local pubs? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

A Vegan Meal at Ember Inns

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