Mad Cucumber Bournemouth – Jan 2018

I reviewed the Mad Cucumber on the blog after a previous visit to Bournemouth here. We had a pretty late night on Saturday celebrating my friend Karen’s birthday so I wanted some serious grub before heading back to London. 

I met fellow vegan Darren on our night out and he recommended their breakfasts but unfortunately we didn’t arrive in time and missed the boat by 15 minutes.

Photo credit – Stephanie Lee

Their main menu looked equally as good so I wasn’t too disappointed. I was in the mood for mushrooms so was deciding between the stroganoff and the mushroom and chestnut bourguignon, mash won over rice so the the bourguignon it was! Karen decided to go for the bean chilli. Karen had a coffee to drink and I went for a silver needle jasmine tea which came with a cute little timer so I had the perfect brew!

The food arrived in cute bowls and looked very hearty.

This was perfect stodge food and definitely what I needed when tired on a cold winter’s day.

Karen enjoyed her chilli and said it was really filling. She asked whether I was going to grab a cake for the journey home but I decided to skip it this time.

Have you visited the Mad Cucumber recently? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Mad Cucumber Bournemouth – Jan 2018

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