Goals 2018

So it’s that time again to start looking looking at what I want to achieve in 2018. In 2017 I had ten goals and there’s lots of those I want to carrying on doing this year, but in terms of new goals I want to try and achieve the below.

1. Learn to ice skate (properly)

I can get round an ice rink without holding onto the edge ok, but I’m not that confident and I’m always worried children will grab on to me or the teenage boys will knock me over! Our new leisure centre including ice rink is opening in February so I’m going to sign up for some lessons. Once you’ve signed up you can use the rink for free at any other time so no excuse not to get some practice in!

2. Complete a 10k run

I’ve signed up to take part in my first 10k at the end of March so I need to get back into running after the winter lull. My parkruns should help me along and I’m hoping to extend the length of my runs in the evenings to increase my stamina.

3. Use Amazon less

Unfortunately Amazon is so convenient! We gave up our prime membership last year so there is less tying us to it. I have recently discovered Hive where you can buy books online and support local independent bookshops too. If there’s a third party seller on Amazon I will try and contact them direct to by-pass Amazon. You may ask what’s wrong with Amazon, but they have suffered controversy due to their tax arrangements as well as their treatment of workers.

4. Start bulk buying

In 2017 I pledged to use less plastic and in order to continue that I want to shop at bulk stores more. There is Bulk Market in Hackney which isn’t too far from me and As Nature Intended near my work. So neither very close to home but I think I could get a few things in my backpack.

5. See more of the UK

I have a trip to Norwich booked for my birthday in February and I’m visiting my friend in Bournemouth in the first weekend in January. I would also like to spend a weekend in Edinburgh in the summer. It’s so easy to travel by train in the UK (costs permitting) and there’s a few cities I’d like to tick off my list.

So there you have it. A shorter list than last year but I think these are all achievable.

What’s on your goal list for 2018? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Goals 2018

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