Year end review of Goals 2017

So how did it end up? Let’s see how I did with my goals for the year.

1. Continue to jog/run

I am proud to say I completed 20 parkruns this year. My running has fallen off a bit in the winter as I don’t like running in the dark after work but as our new leisure centre opens in February I can run on the treadmill when it’s dark outside.

2. Take up yoga again

This started well but dropped off very quickly. Again with the leisure centre opening hopefully I can attend some sessions.

3. Eat more wholefoods

I have been eating more veg with our veg box although as my Husband has been eating less meat he has been having meat replacements so I have had those with him. I have been taking my lunch to work almost every day so I have had less processed food out and about.

4. Use less plastic

I have taking my re-usable cup everywhere and by taking my lunch to work I have been using less plastic. Riverford who deliver my veg box have also committed to using even less plastic than they currently do in the next year. I’ve converted to a shampoo bar and using soap. I love Lush’s new naked range which uses solid concentrated versions with no plastic packaging.

5. Be more politically active

I have been taking part almost weekly in Earthlings Experiences with Havering Vegan Action, I’ve also taken part in Southend Anonymous for the Voiceless first two cubes of truth as well as the March for Animals and a few events in London like the Canada Goose protests. I can’t wait to take part in more events next year and I’ve even asked for a flask for Christmas to see me through the winter!

6. Support more independent shops and traders

I’ve only had one drink from Costa and Starbucks each which I’m really proud of. I’ve used Etsy to buy from independent traders online and I want to start using Hive as an alternative to Amazon.

7. Continue “no new clothes” and expand on it

I have done well on this with barely any new clothes at all apart from a few vegan themed clothes which I have also tried to get from ethical, carbon neutral producers. I haven’t bought any big items of furniture but when I do I will try and source these second hand.

8. Attend church more regularly

I have switched to my local church rather than the church I grow up in which means it’s been easier to attend more regularly.

9. Watch less television

This is also something I’ve done well on and just picked particular series to watch rather than just seeing what’s on at the time. I’ve cut down on the reality TV I watch as well.

10. Continue to blog

Apart from a few weeks hiatus in the spring I have continued to blog frequently and my stats continue to improve month on month so I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

So there you have it. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved this year. I’m not sure I’ll have as many goals for 2018 but I’ll be sure to continue the good work I’ve started in 2017.

How did you get on with your goals for the year? Let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Year end review of Goals 2017

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