Reducing plastic use

One of my goals for 2017 was to reduce my plastic use and it is one I have found very difficult as plastic is everywhere!

The thing I have most succeeded in is cutting my use full stop by taking my lunch into work most of the time so I am not buying any disposable packaging. I have also been using my re-usable travel mug as most disposable coffee cups aren’t recyclable due to their plastic lining to keep them water tight.


One area I have really succeeded in sourcing alternatives is the bathroom. I have long used bar soap to wash my hands and now have forgone shower gel in plastic bottles for soap as well. My Mum bought me a pack of soap ends (so they are reducing waste as well) from Bomb Cosmetics once and I have been working my way through these at bath time.

For shampoo I was tempted by Lush’s bars but was put off by the Sodium Laureth Sulphates so I found this alternative bar which is also free from palm oil.

Then we have toilet paper. I saw adverts for this Australian company Who Gives A Crap online. They sell toilet paper and kitchen paper which is either made from recycled paper or sustainable bamboo. Each roll is wrapped in recycled paper in funky colours and half of all their profits go to Water Aid to build toilets in the developing world. When ordering your toilet paper online you have to keep track of your supplies before you run out, but as the smallest number you can buy is 24 rolls it’s pretty easy to keep well stocked.

In the kitchen we get most of our vegetables in a Riverford veg box so they are naked and we order our shopping from Ocado. The shopping is delivered in bags with where the food goes labelled on it (fridge/freezer/cupboard) for easy unloading and they collect the plastic bags back including non-Ocado ones and take 5p off your shopping for each bag.

I have seen articles online about Hackney’s Bulk Market which I am tempted to visit, my only reservation being how much I would be able to carry back on the train!

I am always looking for more tips and hints about reducing my plastic use so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below.

Plumes x

Reducing plastic use

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