What I eat and drink in a day

I thought I’d give you an insight into my daily diet and do one of these posts that I’ve seen on a few other blogs.

Breakfast on weekdays for me is prepared the night before – overnight oats. I have oats, a tablespoon of ground flaxseed (or chia seeds), unsweetened hemp milk and some frozen fruit – today’s was blueberries. In the autumn/winter I bring it in the microwave for a couple of minutes but in spring/summer I usually eat as is. The seeds and hemp milk give me a good dose of omega 3’s to set me up for the day and I like to get a portion of fruit in first thing.

I’ve started taking a hot drink when I leave the house in the morning in my re-usable cup. Today it was a good old cup of tea.

Mid morning snack is an apple. My team are all pretty good at eating out fruit for elevenses, I buy a bag of apples on a Monday to see me through the week.

For lunch today it’s cucumber soup which I made a few weeks ago and has been sitting in my freezer. I like to have a hot meal at lunch so it’s usually soup or leftovers from dinner. I bought a roll to make it a bit more substantial and I bring my own spread from home wrapped up in some foil.

At work I tend to drink peppermint tea and allow myself one post lunch coffee to see me through the afternoon.

For dinner today we have pesto pasta with basil tofu and vegetables. Sacla do a couple of pestos that are vegan (my Husband’s favourite is the aubergine). I had this red lentil pasta knocking about in the cupboard which is a compromise between my Husband and me as he prefers  white pasta and I prefer wholewheat. I added the last of my follow your heart vegan gourmet shreds I got at Vegfest  as well. This is an easy evening meal that is ready in under half an hour.

When I want a sweet treat post dinner but I don’t have anything already made you can always knock up a mug cake in a couple of minutes. I went for this peanut butter one tonight topped with cacao nibs. It really hits the spot!

So that was my food today, what do you think?

Plumes x

What I eat and drink in a day

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