Round up of the week’s food 160703

Looking back through my food photos I can see I’ve had some great food this week. We do our food shopping once a fortnight and plan the first week of meals when buying food and plan the second week with what we’ve got left, so I’m quite impressed with this second week of food!

On Monday I made some avocado pasta, really creamy and so fast to do.


On Tuesday I went on a training course in Ipswich and was quite impresses with my vegan lunch which included a Thai satay dip and a flapjack!


For Tuesday dinner I made okonomiyaki which is a Japanese omlette, using This recipe. Okonom means “as you like it” and yaki means griddled. Okonomiyaki usually has cabbage in it and then any other fillings/toppings you want to add. I kept it simple and just added spring onions to the cabbage. I topped it with tonkatsu sauce which I made by mixing ketchup with Hendersons relish (a vegan Worcestershire sauce). I really enjoyed this and will definitely make it again and loading it up with different veg. My Husband enjoyed it as well which I was really surprised by.


On Wednesday I got my lunch from a Korean place. I had the spicy tofu and rice and some veggie dumplings. I was a bit disappointed the tofu wasn’t deep fried and was a bit tasteless. I’m not a great lover of spice but even I didn’t think this was that spicy when Korean food can usually pack a punch. I won’t be having this again.


After swimming on Wedsnesday Mum and I went for an Indian. I had a chickpea dish with dhal fritters and paratha. We also had rice which isn’t pictured as they took so long to bring it out! The chickpeas had the opposite issue to the tofu, they were really spicy and I only managed half of them. The menu didn’t say it was spicy and if it had I would have either asked if they could it milder or gone for another option.


Thursday lunch I headed down to Protein Haus at Moorgate station. I went for a grains and greens wrap, a peanut butter cookie and some date and cacao truffle balls. This was really tasty. The cookie was huge and a bit dry so although it had a nice flavour I don’t think I’d get it again.


On Thursday I made a chilli which was really tasty. My Husband said it wasn’t spicy enough but it was just perfect for me!


On Friday I was really tired so we decided to get a takeaway. I went for salt and chili beancurd with vegetable noodles and vegetables in garlic sauce. This if different to what I normally order and I really enjoyed the change.


I had popped into Holland and Barrett on the way home and picked up this lovely chocolate orange pot at half price! These are really rich and creamy I always think I should eat half and save the rest but it never happens!


Yesterday I made a pizza using violife pizza cheese as I’d never used it before. The pizza base I made is from a magazine recipe I ripped out years ago and go back to time and time again. It’s so thick and doughy I love it! I added olives and capers on top to keep it simple. I served it with garlic bread so got a glorious carb overload!


This morning I ran to church, I usually walk 45 mins but I thought if I ran I could use it as one of my three runs a week. It was really sunny and the first time I have run with a backpack on so I was glad to sit down when I got there.

I made this stir-fry this evening with a veg pack, noodles and sauce from Sainsburys and some extra soya beans I had in the freezer. I don’t normally buy prepared veg but these stirfry packs are great. I’d never use up all the component parts if I bought them all separately.


Have you had any great food this week? Let me know!

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160703

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