Review -Carnevale

As my Husband and I were in the area we popped in to Carnevale for lunch yesterday. It had been years since our last visit so was interested to see if much had changed.

I had the homemade sausage and colcannon mash with a red wine jus. The sausages were really fruity and the mash was creamy with cabbage running through it. It was served with a load of mixed salad leaves which I’ve never had with sausage and mash, I think it might have been better with something like peas.


My Husband had falafel and houmous with a roasted vegetable casserole. He felt the falafel was a little over cooked and wasn’t keen on the chunky aubergine in the casserole. We took the rest of the casserole home and I had it for dinner with a pie and thought it was lovely!


For dessert I went for the chocolate roulade. It was really rich and had a raspberry sauce running through it. The menu said it came with Earl Grey truffles but they were no where to be seen.


Although the food was alright I do think it was overpriced at £13.50 per main, I don’t think we’ll be rushing back anytime soon.

Plumes x

Review -Carnevale

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