Roundup of the Week’s Food 160605

I’ve been feeling a bit up and down this week. I am really pleased about completing my runs this week which you can read about here, but I also felt a bit ill with hot and cold and dizzy spells. These have reduced now and I think it was just a sign I need to slow down a bit.

On Monday I had some buckwheat pancakes with cheese and onions for lunch. These are quite thick and bready and I’m not sure whether I would buy this mix again.


For dinner I made a Japanese lotus root curry with noodles. I love Japanese curry sauce and the lotus has a interesting texture.


On Tuesday we had Chinese takeaway, I went for my usual seaspice beancurd and rice. I actually fancied something different but the website was down so I couldn’t see the menu. Luckily I now have a hard copy up on the fridge!


I had rice left over from the takeaway on Wednesday and not much imagination! I cut up a Fry’s traditional burger and mixed up some sweetcorn and sweet chili sauce and plonked some pickles on top!


On Thursday I went to my Mum’s for dinner, we didn’t go swimming as this was the day I felt the worst. We had black bean stew for dinner but I forgot to take a photo. We popped into Tesco and I bought this sweet pizza from GoodFellas. I was tempted as it was the only vegan one in the range but I wouldn’t get it again. It tasted quite doughy and the crumbly bits weren’t sweet enough for me.

On Friday I had a simple dinner after my run, Country pie from Linda McCartney and baked beans.


Yesterday I went to the London Animal Free Festival which you can read about here. I picked up some great treats.

I popped into the mini Tesco behind my flat to get a jacket potato when I saw these 3 for 2 offers. I had the sweet potato fries and courgetti with cheese and chipotle tabasco. I would usually make something like this from scratch but it’s nice to use prepared food when you’ve had a long week!

I had the grains for lunch today after I had been to mass and seen my brother, another easy wholesome meal.


There were some fruit platters reduced so I grabbed one to have one for dessert, some beautiful colours!


We decided to have channa (chickpea) dhal for dinner. I usually just add a variety of spices from the cupboard with onions, garlic and tomato puree to make my base. I added cardamom, cloves and green masala paste to my rice to make it more fragrant, and now I have some for lunch tomorrow too!


My Husband and I sat down and planned our meals for next week (very grown up!) so I’m looking forward to my food and I’m pleased as it means I know my Husband will be having multiple vegan meals!

Plumes x

Roundup of the Week’s Food 160605

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