Round up of the week’s food 160529

Hey everyone! I’ve felt really tired this week which I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps I just need some earlier nights.

On Monday my Husband was going to an event in Greenwich so I met him at the O2 beforehand to get to some food. We went to Las Iguanas as I know they’re pretty good for veggie/vegan options and have a separate menu. It was pretty quiet as there wasn’t an event going on at the O2 and we had the whole massive restaurant to ourselves with one other couple! I had the quinoa ensalada which is described as below –


It was ok. I couldn’t see any sweet potato in it and I didn’t think the corn tasted charred. The avocado was described as crushed but it looked like a really think guacamole. I really liked the sweet roquito pepper drops but the cranberry chilli salsa completely overpowered it and it all tasted very sweet.


I was disappointed that a few of the sides (cassava chips, plantain, fries, sweet potato fries) weren’t marked as vegan. When I enquired with the server she said it was because they were fried in the same fryer/oil as some of the cheese dishes. A real shame!

I was excited to see a couple of vegan desserts and wanted to try the tembleque, unfortunately we were restricted by time but I’ll definitely give it a go next time.


On Tuesday I went to Shoryu a Japanese ramen restaurant for lunch with a colleague. The restaurant looks really traditional and most of the staff were Japanese.

I went for –


It was really tasty and filling but quite simple.


I also had a lychee jasmine tea which was delicious!


As I wasn’t home much this week we didn’t do food shopping so the one evening I was in I was scraping around to get a dish together. I cooked up some amaranth which is an ancient grain similar to quinoa (high in protein) with a ropey pepper I had left in the fridge, dried mushrooms, frozen peas and onions. I served it with a Linda McCartney mushroom and spinach burger. I really enjoyed the amaranth mix, it takes quite a long time to cook, 35 mins boiling then 15 mins standing so I might make a big batch next time to use for a few days in a row. The burger was a bit bland and I don’t think I’d get them again.


On Wednesday I went out with my friend Jo for our monthly dinner. We went to Busaba for some thai food. I went for the pad thai jay.  It was a nice portion size, the veg was really crunchy and I felt very satisfied with it.


On Thursday I went swimming with Mum. We had a tofu stir fry with ginger and hoisin sauce and glass noodles. I love glass noodles which are made from mung beans and taste really light.


On Friday we went out for dinner around London Bridge as we heading down to my in-laws. We had a look round Borough Market and I saw loads of options I wouldn’t mind trying out but my Husband wasn’t too keen. We ended up going to Tas a Turkish restaurant on Borough High Street. They had loads of veggie dishes and it took me a while deciding what I was going to have! I went for an aubergine dish with tomato, chickpea and onions to start and had artichoke with broad beans and potatoes for main. It tasted really fresh and flavourful. There are a few restaurants in this chain so I’ll definitely keep my eye out for them when I need some food!

When we got to my in-laws I headed to the freezer as I had some ice cream stocked in there! I had chocolate and ginger and it was so nice to have this treat a the end of the week.


My in-laws have been really busy so my Husband offered to cook dinner. He made a lovely roast dinner with a nut burger for me.


There are some cows who live in the field opposite my in-laws so when they came up to the fence while my Husband was cooking dinner I had to pop over to say hello!


Today we travelled home and picked up some treats at Japan Centre which I’m going to write a separate post about.

I’ve got a more chilled week next week so think I’m going to try and run down my freezer as I have lots of bits and pieces in there that need using up.

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160529

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