Sunni’s Kicking Ass on the Road

Let me tell you about my friend Sunni.

We met at a meetup in London a few years ago while she was travelling around the UK and we clicked instantaneously. I saw her a few times during her time here before she continued on her travels. We have kept in contact via social media, mainly Facebook but also via our blogs.

Sunni has been travelling for the past 5 years and has written a guide for solo female travellers using her knowledge, wisdom and experiences from her travels.


I have no interest in travelling for extended periods of time alone or with others so you might not think this book is for me! However the book contains loads of great tips for short trips or holidays, for everyone not just women.

Having known Sunni for a while and read her writings on her blog I wanted to buy this book as I love her style of writing. It is very honest and funny and she writes exactly how she speaks (which is no nonsense, telling like it is, in a way only Australians can do!) I also love the cover picture (part of the reason I bought the print version) I took part in some polls for Sunni to decide on the cover image and I’m so glad she went with one of herself!

I received the book when I got home yesterday and read it in the bath and am about 40% of the way through. It is very clearly laid out with helpful chapter headings so you can quickly flick to the part you need.

I also skipped to the back and saw Sunni is releasing another book in July with personal stories from her travels which I am so looking forward to as I know she can tell a juicy tale!

Sunni truly lives up to her name and is one of the most positive people I have ever met. I find her very inspiring and loving hearing and seeing what she is up to on her travels.

Her book is available through Amazon in print and Kindle versions via the Kindle version is $2.99/£2.08 until 10th June.

You can read Sunni’s blog at and see her video about the book here, you can also join her “Live Brave” community on Facebook via this link.

I hope you enjoy it!

Plumes x


Sunni’s Kicking Ass on the Road

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