Review – Black Cat Cafe Hackney

I went to Black Cat Cafe yesterday with my Sister-in-law Gemma after we’d visited East London Vintage Fair. I had been there once before with my Husband. I tried looking through my blog to see whether I wrote a review last time but when I checked my instagram I realised we went two weeks before I started my blog!

Their website states – “Black Cat Cafe is a 100% vegan, cooperatively run space in Hackney-London that aims to promote an ethical lifestyle”. I really love the interior of the cafe and wish I’d taken some photos. There are as many tables crammed in as possible and it has a very “collective” type feeling, there are magazines that can be read while you’re in the cafe and extensive collection of books for sale from vegan cookbooks to political tomes. “Zionism in the age of the dictators” particularly caught my eye. The menu changes on a daily basis depending on what produced is sourced.

I love a good soda float so I have got a cola float both times I have visited. The only thing that could have made this better was if they served root beer!


For food I went for the seitan plate which came with seasoned seitan with a dollop of mint yogurt dressing, sourdough bread and a selection of salads. The seitan was really meaty and chewy, ,I’m not sure what brand they used and the salads were all tasty, I especially liked the slaw.


My Sister-in-law went for the health bowl, which came with houmous, violife cheese and a few more salads. She said she really enjoyed it and it was very filling.


I had to treat myself to one of the cakes and I went for the coffee and walnut. The cake was rich with coffee and I think it also had poppy seeds in it.


Black Cat also have a deli fridge, with vegan cheeses and faux meats as well as a huge range of drinks and chocolate on offer. I picked up a few snacks and treats to take home to my Husband which he was very pleased about!

Black Cat was very busy both times I have visited but I think that added to the atmosphere, it feels like there’s a lot going on and there’s a buzz about the place. I would really recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Have you been to Black Cat Cafe? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – Black Cat Cafe Hackney

4 thoughts on “Review – Black Cat Cafe Hackney

  1. Used to go when it was Pumpkins, then Pogo, but it looks miles better now (as does that part of Hackney). Pogo used to do these amazing light airy cakes that we never could believe were vegan!


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