Review – Alpro Go On Pots

I’d heard about this new product from Alpro a little while ago. I even had a voucher code to get a free one from Sainsburys but when I tried to find the product online it didn’t appear and it wasn’t available in my local store, so when I spotted them on a rare visit to Tesco (there isn’t a big one near me) I decided to give them a go and I was so glad I did!


There are three flavours,  mango, passionfruit and blackcurrant. They are described as a dairy free alternative to strained yogurt or quark. I don’t think I ever tried strained yogurt before I went vegan so I can’t say how alike or different they are. I can say that they are really rich and creamy and that I scoffed all three in one day!

The fruit puree sits at the bottom of the pot so you need to dig deep to get to it, or you can mix it all in. I liked all of the flavours, the mango and blackcurrant had fruit pieces in them and the passionfruit had seeds. Flavour wise the blackcurrant was my favourite as it was really rich but texture wise I preferred the passionfruit. I much prefer smooth yogurts to those with fruit mixed in so these were great for me.

You can buy these pots individually, (they were 85p each in Tesco) and they are less than 100 calories a pot (if you care about those sorts of things!) It feels like you’re having a proper treat without going mad (unless you eat all three like I did!)


Have you tried the new Go On pots? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – Alpro Go On Pots

3 thoughts on “Review – Alpro Go On Pots

  1. vegan angle says:

    They’re on special offer for 50p in Tesco’s at the mo, so I just bought one of each flavour this morning.


      1. vegan angle says:

        I haven’t tried any of them yet! I might have one later with an avocado. I went to Tesco’s to get one of their own brand soya *alternative to* yogurts and saw the Alpro ones on special offer.


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