Review -CookDaily @ BOX PARK Shoreditch

Yesterday I needed to grab some food before my hair appointment so as I was travelling through Liverpool Street I thought I’d take a walk down to Boxpark in Shoreditch. I really like this area of London and don’t venture into it enough seeing as I work so close.

Boxpark is a retail space made out of shipping containers with mainly shops on the ground level and eateries upstairs.

I had seen some photos of the food from the totally vegan CookDaily online and wanted to try it out. They have various dishes ranging from curries and noodles to all breakfast and raw offerings. They also serve ice tea and a range of vegan beers.

I went for noodles with vegetables and tofu. It was really tasty and filling and had a wide variety of vegetables included.


Next time I want to try the Caribbean bowl, although I’m not too sure about the hot bonnet sauce so they said I could try that separately to see if I can handle the heat!

Have you been to CookDaily? What did you think?

Plumes x


Review -CookDaily @ BOX PARK Shoreditch

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