Round up of the week’s food 160410

Hi everyone hope you’ve had a good week!

On Monday my Husband met me from the train station as he’d had an appointment at the local hospital. He suffers from migraines and needed to eat quickly as he felt he might have one coming on. We decided to pop into McDonald’s as its opposite the station. I ordered a veggie burger but unfortunately I was served a chicken burger (in a veggie bun and box). I am always careful to check my food before eating it. When I returned to the counter the manager was distraught that this had happened, she asked whether I had taken a bite and was relieved when I said no! She gathered the kitchen team and highlighted the importance of making sure this doesn’t happen. One of the other team suggested they have should have a green inlay in the veggie boxes as the chicken sandwich boxes and veggie boxes look very similar. I was offered a dessert so chose an apple pie as these are vegan. I appreciate mistakes are easily made and I was impressed by the service I received to rectify the issue.

On Tuesday I went down to stay with my cousins in Eastbourne. For dinner we had something that I had seen online but had not tried out myself – carrot dogs! They were tasty and a healthy alternative to a regular vegan hot dog.


On Wednesday I went to Brighton with my cousin Katy and if you haven’t done so already you can read about all the yummy things we ate/drank here and here.

On Thursday we were supposed to go out to dinner with my Mum and her partner, but unfortunately they had both fallen ill so had to cancel. We were supposed to be going to a Turkish restaurant so as we had that in mind I picked up some VBites doner slices in Holland and Barrett and some chips from the chip shop to have a kebab. This is the first time I’d try these slices and I really enjoyed them. An easy thing to have in the fridge to stick in a pitta!


I had seen a twitter/instagram friend post her lunch from Taoo, and as its really near my office I thought I’d give it a go for my Friday lunch treat. I had a tofu moma, with veggie dumplings and broccoli. I also tried some homemade soya milk and red bean paste buns. It was very tasty and I’ll definitely be back.


I was also inspired by a post I saw of a carbonara from Fed by water, so as I had some violife parmesan at home I’d thought it’d give it a go. I picked up some VBites ham slices from Holland and Barratt (its in between my office and the train station so easy to pick stuff up on the way home!) I made a white sauce using the roux method with vitalite and flour and added oat milk and nutritional yeast. I fried onions, garlic, mushrooms and olives with the ham slices. After stirring in the cooked spaghetti and sauce I topped with the parmesan. I was quite impressed with this meal and my Husband enjoyed it too, which I was very pleased with!


On Saturday I had sausage and mash, using my sausages I bought in Brighton and some very questionable potatoes. Still tasted damn good!


When I looked in my freezer on Friday evening I had some red bean paste buns like the ones I had at lunchtime that I’d forgotten I’d bought in the Asian supermarket! I decided to have them for breakfast as I didn’t have much time before church.


My Husband asked me to make jerk chicken for him for dinner today. I don’t like cooking or touching meat so I tipped the chicken into the dish from the packet, made the marinade and made my Husband massage it in. I had jerk tofu and I made traditional rice and peas to go with it.


I haven’t done a big food shop recently and have just been picking up a few things on the way home so hopefully my meals with be a bit more organised next week!

Have a good one!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160410

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