Review – rootcandi

My cousin and I had an amazing day out in Brighton this week, which you can read all about here.

Before heading down I’d seen lots of positive things being said about rootcandi and the pictures on their instagram feed looked amazing. We have eaten at their sister restaurant Iydea a number of times and always left happy so we thought we must give rootcandi a go.

It’s situated in Western Road, a part of Brighton I’d never ventured into before and did seem a bit removed from the other vegan options available in the North Laine area. Although the walk did help our food go down on the way back!

The restaurant is bright and welcoming and we were greeted by the restaurant manager Reeshi. We were taken through the menu which included four tapas set menus from all different parts of the world and the lunch menu. We decided to go for the lunch menu and wereally impressed with the number of dishes offered and most of them for under £10.

We went for the Beetroot burger which was served with courgette fries and a garlic mayo dip. As we were sharing everything we took one burger and half a bun each. The burger was tasty, chewy and moist. The fries were crispy and light and really went well with the garlic mayo.


We also had a cauliflower, romesco and mushroom dhal which was served with rice, naan and pomegranate raita. The curry was very flavourful but was a tad on the spicy side for me and if I had it again I would ask if it was possible to have it with less chili. The rice complemented it perfectly and the naan which was infused with rosemary was a real treat!


While we were eating we heard the manager speaking with another table and he said these were two of his favourite dishes along with the Mushroom Wellington so I think we went with right choice! We decided against dessert but I think I would definitely go for it next time.

If I was down in Brighton for longer it would be nice to come back in the evening for the full tapas menu.

I was really impressed with the food we had and for under £20 it was a bargain. I’d definitely recommend it.

Have you eaten at rootcandi? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – rootcandi

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