Cleaning Products

When I first went vegan I did it gradually. First tackling the food by slowly reducing the animal products I ate one by one, then I moved on to my toiletries and cosmetics everytime I finished a product I would replace it with a cruelty free one (see my post here). Clothes weren’t too much of an issue as I didn’t buy much leather/wool/silk in the first place. The last area I had to tackle were my cleaning products.

Cleaning products are regularly tested on animals. I know many people who wouldn’t dream of using non cruelty-free make up and toiletries but this idea does not extent to their laundry detergent or their washing up liquid.

There are some great companies out there that wear their credentials on their sleeves.


I use ecozone for my dishwasher tablets/rinse aid and laundry detergent/fabric conditioner. Their eco balls are great, you just put them in the drum with your washing and they last 240 washes, then you can just purchase refill pellets to go in the balls. I usually order online when I’m running low on anything. They are  Cruelty free International (formerly BUAV) approved and carry the Vegan Society logo.



Another company I love is Astonish. I generally use their spray cleaners for the kitchen and bathroom. They too are Vegan Society and Cruelty free International approved. They are also very reasonably priced and available from a wide variety of retailers. Check out their website to see your local stockists.


I’m also interested in trying out more homemade and natural cleaners like lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda but I think that’s more of a work in progress!

What are your go to cruelty free cleaning products? Do you have any tips for making your own products? Let me know!

Plumes x


Cleaning Products

Round up of the week’s food 160306

I haven’t been feeling too great this week so have just cooked simple meals that are still wholesome.

On Monday I had a mushroom and garlic burger from Dragonfly Foods with a sweet potato and peas. I really like the Dragonfly range, it is tofu based and organic. This was the first time I’d try the mushroom and garlic burger and it had great flavour.


On Tuesday I made a courgette and mushroom frittata with salad. This is becoming one of my staple dishes and I love it!


As usual I went swimming with my Mum on Wednesday and she made this butternut, chickpea and red onion salad with a Ras el hanout dressing. The spice mix really added a warmth to this winter salad.


On Thursday my husband and I had pasta with aubergine pesto from Sacla with onions and peppers – he had his with salmon and I had tinned green lentils with mine. This was a really simple meal that took less than 30 minutes to make but was so tasty and filling.


On Friday we went to my in-laws for the weekend and after a long and difficult week I was really happy not to have to cook. My Mother-in-law made Linda McCartney sausages with potatoes, peas and loads of gravy – great comfort food!


On Saturday evening the rest of the family had tandoori chicken, so I had a veggie quarter pounder from Waitrose with green rice.


I got some veggie haggis in Waitrose which I had this morning for breakfast with houmous and toast. I’ve had other vegan haggis before but this one was really easy and microwaved in 60 seconds.

I got a naked burrito from Tortilla on the way home today but forgot to take a photo. (They aren’t that photogenic anyway!)

Hopefully I’ll be feeling a lot better next week and up for some more adventurous cooking!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160306