Round up of the week’s food 160320

I’ve had a horrible cold this week so I’ve had a lot of comfort food while I’ve been feeling sorry for myself!

On Sunday evening we had this lamb style casserole from More Than Meat you can read my full review of their product range here.


On Monday we shared this jumbo sausage roll for breakfast.


On Monday evening we had a cooked breakfast for dinner trying out some lorne sausages and Follow your heart’s vegan egg. It’s made from a seaweed derivative and gets thicker as you scramble it. I found it smelt more eggy than it tasted so I might spice it up a bit more next time I cook it.


Tuesday we had burger and chips. I don’t eat burgers very often so this was a nice change and I love all the condiments with the fried onion and pickles etc.


At work my team of about 14 only includes 3 women so I arranged a lunch for us so we could go out and not have to talk about football the whole time! I chose wagamama as it’s really close to our office and there are a number of dishes that are vegan or can easily be veganised. Be sure to ask your server they’re usually very helpful. I had the spicy tofu salad which I’ve had before. it’s lovely and fresh and has a spicy but sweet chili dressing. I also had some miso soup and pickles. I had one of their juices to drink made up of kiwi, avocado and apple.


Everyone has been raving about the new vegan cheese at pizza chain Zizzi, so when my friend suggested we go out for dinner on Wednesday night I thought we must try it out. We had a vegan garlic bread to start and then I went for the pizza, you have a margarita and select what toppings you want. I asked for balsamic onions, olives and mushrooms but they forgot my olives! Even without them my pizza was lush. Unfortunately the service was so slow we didn’t have time for dessert but I’m looking forward to the baked nectarines with coconut and mango swirl sorbet next time!

On Thursday we still had burgers and buns to use up so we had a re-run of Tuesday’s dinner. Still great the second time round!

Friday we decided to have a Chinese takeaway. Our local one has a great range of vegetarian dishes and many have options with or without egg. I went for vegetarian satay skewers, sweet and sour deep fried aubergine balls and seaspice beancurd with boiled rice. A real Friday night treat!

Yesterday we had an active day, we went over to the cemetery to visit my Dad’s grave and then went over to the country park opposite. On our way home we popped into town as well and picked up a few bits. I had some potatoes to use up so decided to have bangers and mash. I used these sausages from Dee’s Wholefoods which I bought in Holland & Barrett. They have a really great flavour and go well with fried onions and gravy!


Today I’m off swimming as it’s been a couple of weeks since I last went. I’m also going to try and pop in to Tesco as I’ve been seeing lots of new exciting free from products pop up on my time line that I want to try!

Have a good week!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 160320

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