Review – More Than Meat

More than Meat describe their products on their website as-

More Than Meat burgers and casseroles are high-protein, zero-cholesterol meals, containing no added fats, no eggs, no dairy and, of course, no meat.

My husband and I had the lamb style casserole for dinner one night with mashed potatoes. It was really easy to cook, just heated up on the hob. The sauce was more tomatoey than I was expecting but it was really herby and I loved the addition of the butter beans. The seitan was in small pieces and had a nice texture. This is a really quick and easy nutritional meal for when you don’t have much time.


Next we tried the jumbo sausage roll. The pastry was nice and flaky after we’d heated it in the oven for 30 minutes. The filling had a pleasant savoury flavour to it but the texture was quite soft. I also think there was quite a lot of filling compared to the amount of pastry so I’m glad I shared this with my husband as I don’t think I would have managed a whole one.


We had the lorne sausages as part of our breakfast for dinner! I fried these in a pan for about 10 minutes. They had a similar flavour to the sausage roll filling and were still quite soft but crisped up around the edges where I had fried them.


Last night we had burger and chips, I used the beef style burger and my husband had the jerk burger. These had a much firmer chewy texture compared to the lorne sausage. These were definitely my favourite products out of the whole range. I’m a bit of a wimp spice wise but my husband said that the jerk burger had a mild spice flavour so I might go for that one next time.


All the products cooked quite quickly and I would recommend them to make quick and easy nutritious meals. The packaging clearly states all the nutritional information and I was pleasantly surprised by the calorie content! You can order direct from the website or look up your nearest stockist.

Plumes x

Disclaimer – this review has not been paid for. The products were sent to me free of charge. All views expressed are my own.


Review – More Than Meat

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