Review – Zoukinis Bournemouth

I had seen some pictures from Zoukinis on instagram a couple of weeks ago so when I arranged to come to Bournemouth I knew I wanted to visit. We booked a table for 7pm the day before and they said would be able to squeeze us in.

I went for the mushroom biryani and vegetable dansak curry. I was a bit worried as the menu showed it with two chilis and I’m not great with hot food. It came with a raita which I did mix in with it to cool it down a bit. I really enjoyed it. It also came with aubergine bhajis and mango chutney, the bhajis were a bit gooey in the middle and had a bit of a raw pea taste from the gram flour.


My friend went for the winter tart. She described it as Christmas on a plate. The tart was roasted vegetable and goats cheese.


Her daughter went for the pad thai. She enjoyed it but it was a bit too spicy for her. It was the first time she’d tried tofu and said she liked it. She is now considering going vegetarian too!


I know I’ve been trying to reduce my sugar intake in Lent but this was a special occasion as I hadn’t see my friend in a long time. My friend’s daughter and I went for the brownie, I had it with forest fruits sorbet and she had it with vanilla. It had a really great flavour and was sticky, which the sorbet cut through nicely.


I also had some hot lemon which came in this funky penguin teapot.


My friend went for the chocolate and raspberry truffle tart with an amaretto biscuit base. She said it was very rich but the coulis and the biscuit base complimented it well.


We had a lovely meal all in all and the staff were really friendly.

Have you eaten at Zoukinis? What did you think?

Plumes x

Review – Zoukinis Bournemouth

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