Review – VBites Brighton

We’ve come away on a weekend to Brighton to celebrate my Birthday. As our train got in at 13.30 our first stop was lunch!

I hadn’t been to VBites to eat before, I’d only bought a few treats from their shop part. In the past when I’ve been to Brighton I’ve eaten at either Loving Hut or Iydea.

I was impressed by their menu with a range of burgers, wraps, sandwiches and jacket potatoes. Ollie accused me of being unadventurous when I went for a Jacket Potato with coleslaw, but it’s one of my faves and I don’t often have coleslaw as, unless I make it at home it’s difficult to get hold of vegan versions. I wish it was readily available in supermarkets along with all the other free from food! I really enjoyed my food and had a massive apple and cinnamon tea to go with it. I was suitably full and I didn’t want too big a lunch as I’d already booked a restaurant for our evening meal. (Watch this space for that review!)


My husband went for the Southern fried burger with skinny fries. He enjoyed his food, but said his burger was a bit cold. I offered to take it back and ask them to make a fresh one but he didn’t want to make a fuss. He was impressed with his pickles inside his burger and we both commented that we can’t believe people take them out!


I had a good look at what the shop had to offer and I’ll definitely be heading back there tomorrow to pick up some goodies when I don’t have a suitcase in tow!

Have you been to VBites? What did you think?

Plumes x


Review – VBites Brighton

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