Round up of the week’s food 160214

Well I think this week has been a bit healthier than last week! I started off on Monday with oaty sausage patties, cabbage and sweet potato.


On Monday I was defrosting what I thought was pease pudding which turned out to be parsnip soup, so that turned in to Tuesday dinner!


Tuesday was of course Shrove Tuesday and I used this buckwheat mix I’ve had in the cupboard for a while. I had one with lemon and sugar and mixed up some chocolate chips into the other.

I carried on with the pancake theme and had a paratha with a matcha latte for breakfast on Wednesday.


As it was Ash Wednesday this week I celebrated mass at St May Moorgate Church with my colleague Eamonn. On Holy days there are 3 half hour services. There was such a queue, people were taking pictures and asking what was going on. We were tempted to say it was “free burritos” and see if they joined the queue!


On Wednesday night I had an eggfree omlette with courgette, mushrooms and onions.


I’d run out of lunches from my freezer by Thursday so I went for this salad from Pod which was rather tasty.


On Thursday I went out for pizza with my friend Jo, which you can read all about here.

I fasted from Thursday evening to Friday evening and I was glad to break my fast with this tasty stew.


My colleague Luke, picked up this free coconut water from London Bridge station as he knows  how fond I am of it. This was also really tasty after not eating and only drinking water all day.


On Saturday I celebrated Galentines Day and had an amazing lunch, which can read all about it here.


Today I make this lovely sandwich for lunch, containing avocado, beetroot, spring onion, rocket, watercress and spinach.


My husband and I don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day and we just went into town for a coffee today. I had an Earl Grey tea and as I’m trying to reduce my sugar and Starbucks use sweetened soya milk, I took my own little jar of almond milk. My husband also made me this fabulous roast tonight. I made the mushroom nut roast in pastry for Christmas and this is the penultimate piece from the freezer!


As I’m reducing my sugar and trying to get most of it from fruit sources I was really pleased when I discovered my Husband had ordered pure pineapple juice in our weekly shop. To get me more in the mood I served it in one of my colada glasses so I can at least pretend I’m in the Caribbean!


Did you celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s day this year? Let me know.

Plumes x






Round up of the week’s food 160214

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