Round up of the Week’s Food 160207

Last week I forget to include two snacks I had. The first was popcorn from Proper Corn. We have these for sale in our office. I was interested to try the fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-dried tomato flavour. As Worcester sauce usually has anchovies in it I was pleased to see these were clearly marked as vegan.


The other snack was one of my favourites – mochi! You can get these giant ones from Wasabi. I had looked in my local branch and the one in my local station but neither had any. I was worried they had discontinued them but spotted them in another station when I was travelling through.


I met an old friend for lunch on Monday at Pizza Rossa in Leadenhall Market. They have a vegan pizza option and a few pasta options. It smelt amazing so I went for the pizza option.


I started off my cooking this week by making one of my favourites -BBQ jackfruit. Jackfruit is an Asian fruit which you can buy in tins from Asian supermarkets. It has a chewy texture and soaks up flavours from marinades like tofu so it great from making a pulled pork type dish. Make sure you get the one in water or brine though, not syrup! I used this recipe from more vegan blog and put it in wholemeal wraps with onions and peppers.

On Tuesday I had a quick lazy dinner as I spent most of the evening baking.


I took some treats into work to celebrate my 9 year anniversary with the company. We get a lot treats at work as we bring them not only for birthdays, but also exam passes, work anniversaries, any excuse really! I like to show my colleagues that vegan treats are just as tasty as their non-vegan counterparts. I went with two tried and tested options. My Jamaica Ginger Cake and sausage rolls. For the sausage rolls I just use some Granose sausage mix, Jus-Rol puff pastry and sesame seeds. They always go down well!

On Wednesday I usually go swimming with my Mum but as she wasn’t feeling too great we just had dinner. I had this shepherdess pie with sweet potato mash she had in the freezer with some steamed veg.


On Thursday we went to my in-laws. They had had a long day working on-site so had an easy dinner of veggie nuggets, chips and mushy peas.


Sadly we had a family funeral to go to on Friday. Our journey started early and we stopped at a service station for breakfast. I had 2 hashbrowns from McDonald’s and a soya latte from Starbucks. After a lovely service we went to a local social club. The buffet had a good selection of vegan food. I had samosas, pakoras and Asian pastries as well as some crisps, crackers and a great variety of fruit. We had dinner in another service station on the way home. I had a plain veggie wrap from Burger King.

On Saturday I started the day using up the left over chips from Thursday night. Not the healthiest start but we had had a hard day on Friday.


My Sister-in-law and nieces came over at lunchtime. We had brought home some leftovers from Friday which they ate. I had two spicy bean burgers from Waitrose with a jacket potato and salad.


On Saturday I had a lovely tofu curry that my Mother-in-Law had made with a veggie samosa from Waitrose. I am really lucky with both my Mum and Mother-in-Law and the effort they go to in making vegan meals for me when I visit them.


Today we stopped in Victoria station for food as we were travelling back from home from my in-laws. I had a naked burrito from Tortilla as I wasn’t feeling too hungry. I hadn’t had one before as I usually go for a burrito or tacos but it was really filling even without the bread.


Tonight I just had an old fave. You can’t go wrong with beans on toast!


Looking back over my week it doesn’t look the healthiest! Hopefully this will change next week as Lent starts on Wednesday and I plan to reduce the amount of sugar I eat (so no more baked beans!) Are you planning on giving up anything for Lent? Or doing something extra instead? Let me know.

Plumes x

Round up of the Week’s Food 160207

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