Round up of the week’s food 160103

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying 2016!

I started the week using up the Christmas veg, so I had this plate of onion, cabbage and sprouts with some stuffing and mash. There was quite a bit of mash so I froze some to make soup with this week.


I love making vegan frittata/omlettes using chickpea (gram) flour. I had a courgette to use up so it went into this with onions. Its really easy and can also be used to make pancakes. I wasn’t successful in flipping this one as it had stuck to the bottom of my pan but still tasted great!


We treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway and I had my favourite, sea spice beancurd. I’ve never seen this on another Chinese menu, although my local has a great extensive vegetarian/vegan menu, it’s in a spicy sauce with seaweed and you can get it with aubergine if you’re not fond of beancurd.


I needed something sweet to counteract that spice so had some vanilla Swedish Glace I had in the freezer.


Still trying to use up leftovers I had some chestnut soup and the last of the pecan pies and used up the soya cream.

We went down to my in-laws to see in the New Year and spend some time with them as we were with my family at Christmas. My Mother-in-law really makes an effort getting in food I can have and I’m never disappointed! This is Linda McCartney’s red onion and rosemary sausages with mash and peas.


The next day my Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law and nieces came to stay for a couple of days. We had a lovely family roast.


I took a couple of pictures of my eldest niece, the younger one is only 9 months so difficult to get a good one of her looking at the camera!

I took down the last of my pate and cashew cheese and made some more almond feta which the family enjoyed.

I finished off the sausages last night with some more roasties and roasted vegetables.


This morning I had some more feta on toast and a latte using hemp milk. I sometimes struggle to get through a whole carton of milk and don’t fancy carrying it home on the train so I find if I heat a full mug in the microwave and just add the instant coffee I get through it more.


My Husband and his Sister both love board games and each received a new one for Christmas. My Sister-in-law’s was 221b Baker Street, a detective game based on Sherlock Holmes and my Husband’s was Betrayal at House on the Hill, a horror game where you build up the board as you go. After those two we needed some classic gaming so got out the old Monopoly set. We had to look up the rules online as the original ones were lost and we all had different house rules!

Today we stopped at Victoria to get some lunch on our long journey home due to engineering works. There’s quite a few options, I went for corn tacos from Tortilla with tomato rice, black and pinto beans, onions and peppers, guacamole, lettuce and squeeze of lime. A bit messy but very tasty! I even managed to resist getting a cupcake from Lola’s!


Hope you’ve had a good start to the year!

Plumes x


Round up of the week’s food 160103

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