Round up of the week’s food 151220

A few more photos for you this week. Over the weekend I had McDonald’s twice. Some vegans boycott Mcds  but when you are on the move they are a handy option. I also think it is good for transitioning vegetarians and vegans to see they are being catered for and it is easy to grab something. I had the spicy vegetable deluxe without mayo. No photo as its never the best looking thing! If you’re that interested you can look on the website.

For tea on Sunday I had cheese on bean pate on toast. I prefer the brussels pate from vbites but can’t seem to get it in Holland and Barrett’s but the bean one is the next best thing.


On Monday my brother, sister-in-law and I had a lot of admin to do regarding Dad’s funeral preparation. While we waited for the registry office to open after they had closed for lunch we went to have some ourselves at a local Turkish restaurant. I had falafel, stuffed aubergine, beans, kisir and houmous. My sister-in-law wasn’t too keen on the falafel as the texture was very smooth, I quite liked them and we both agreed there is nothing worse than a dry falafel!


On Tuesday I spent some time with my Mum in Buckhurst Hill and we visited the Green Owl cafe. They sold lots of owl related accessories which I loved, I wanted everything! If I get any money for Christmas I think I will be heading back! I had mashed avocado on sourdough with a dressed salad and hand cut chips which were more like wedges. The avocado was pureed rather than mashed but it was all delicious! My Mum had a beetroot soup which I tasted, it was sweet and I’m not sure if I’d manage a whole bowl.


I had some left over bean stew for dinner which is so easy just to bung in the microwave and dumplings make my belly happy!


I bought some Taifun tofu hotdogs in Waitrose and used them in this pasta dish with Sacla aubergine pesto, peppers and shallots. I really like these substantial hotdogs although they are a bit long to fit in standard buns.


We had a lot of peppers so my Husband made me this pepper and paprika risotto which was very tasty and so nice to not have to cook!


I ran out of bread so used up the last of my crackers with some more bean pate. I’ve got my Jacobs big box which I’m not opening until Christmas!


We went to my in-laws this weekend which you will know if you read about The Mill. On Friday I had these Goodlife Picador Parsnip & Sweet Carrot Nut Burgers with peas and roasties. These were rather tasty and better than some other ones I’ve tried. Goodlife does not have many vegan options now so be careful and make sure you read the labels.


Sunday family roast was a Waitrose spicy bean burger and more roast potatoes! I swear my Mother-in-law is trying to fatten me up! I like these burgers and would have them again although they don’t really go with a roast! Waitrose again has a lot of veggie options but not so many vegan ones.


I had a lovely day today with my nieces even if they can be little terrors!


Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 151220

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