Stress is a great weight loss aid

I got married in October 2014 and between then and my anniversary I gained 1 and a half stone. This did include a trip to Vegas, my 30th birthday, our honeymoon in Japan and my friend’s wedding in turkey.

My Dad has been ill since February 2014 but saw a significant decline from July. In September we decided he shouldn’t be left on his own so we started a rota to cover all days and nights.

I had planned to lose weight in time for my anniversary but that went out the window. I decided to move my target to the end of the year and I am doing well so far.

I have significantly reduced my sugar intake as well as diet food/drinks with sweeteners due to the fact they increase cravings. I have also not had any empty calories in drinks so have only been having tea, coffee and water (no alcohol either!) I have found that I haven’t been very hungry and can still have the occasional treat or takeaway. It’s my husband’s birthday on Monday so we’ve made a chocolate cake, having a meal tonight with his family and going out on our own on the actual day.  I have also been using my health app on my phone to make sure I’m doing 10,000 steps and 2 hours activity. The only annoying thing is I can’t log my swimming so I have to note it mentally. This has been working well. I have been losing 2lbs a week over the last 5 weeks and hope this continues, if it does I will be back at wedding weight by new year!

I have had lots of stress this week. My Dad is still deteriorating and my Husband’s family dog unexpectedly needed to be put down. We are now having Marie Curie support 3 nights a week and carers 3 hours a day which should really help the family out. Louis the dog had undiagnosed bone cancer but the last time we saw him he was running around without a care in the world so he didn’t suffer.

I hope next week will be better! I am going to my first Christmas event, having lunch with friends and going to see my relatives in Eastbourne next weekend.

See you tomorrow for the food round-up.

Plumes x

My Dad and I in San Francisco in 2008.


Louis the dog a couple of weeks ago.


My new fringe I had cut this week.





Stress is a great weight loss aid

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