Round up of the week’s food 151122

It’s Sunday so it’s time for the round up of this week’s food!

Last Sunday night I poached the pear I got in my first post. (If you haven’t read it yet go back and do it now! I used pineapple juice and spiced it with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamon. I then used the left over liquor in my porridge for the next few days.


A few weeks ago I made some lentil loaf so I had some meals to take to Dad’s when I stayed over at his. I had with a jacket potato, sprouts and cabbage.


I didn’t manage to finish the potato. Since I’ve been losing weight my stomach must have shrunk as I can’t manage the meals I could before. I teamed it with more greens and a fry’s pepper steak pie.


On Wednesday I was working from home so for lunch I used up some fishless fish cakes I had in the freezer. I got these on sale at Holland & Barrett for 67p. They are more like chicken burgers as they are large and flat rather the small and thick like I remember pre-veganism. I’m not sure if I would pay full price for these, but who can complain at 67p?!

For dessert I had these pandan buns I got in the Chinese supermarket. They just take a minute in the microwave and are really tasty. If you don’t know what pandan tastes like get down to your local Asian supermarket as it’s amazing!

Unfortunately my father was admitted to hospital on Friday night for the second time this week. My very lovely brother brought my aunt and I some chips as we hadn’t eaten at all. We left Dad at 1.30 am so i ended up having the dinner I planned for Friday on Saturday. This was seacakes with greens and sweet potato. Again I couldn’t manage this all in one sitting so had to have the other seacake later as a snack. The seacakes are made of tofu with seaweed running through them. I didn’t realise how loved these were until I posted on instagram and all the comments I got from fellow vegans.

On Saturday I was back up the hospital to sit with Dad for a while so I got the only vegan sandwich option. It’s nice that it was clearly labelled but I didn’t appreciate being lumped in with the gluten free gang. There was another falafel wrap that my husband had that would have easily been vegan if they had omitted the yogurt dressing. Sorry I only took the photo after I had eaten!


Today I had a better day. After mass I went swimming with my Mum. I saw an old friend Mark which was odd while we were in our swimming gear, treading water and chatting! Mum and I went into town and did a bit of Christmas shopping. I had tacos for lunch and Mum had salad with veg chilli from a outlet in the middle of the shopping centre. We also saw a childhood friend of mine in M&S who it was lovely to catch up with. I’ve had a very Mexican day with tacos for lunch and my husband made us a lovely chilli for dinner. He always makes me rate his dinners out of ten. I gave this seven.


This evening I have been wrapping presents in my new hat I bought today.

Hope you’ve had a better week than me!

Plumes x

Round up of the week’s food 151122

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