When I first started to write this blog I knew I would do a post about this subject. As part of my effort to drop a few pounds I have only been drinking tea, coffee and water. I tend to only drink tea and coffee at work and at home I have been drinking bottled carbonated water – up until now. In my strive to live a more ethical life I cannot justify the plastic bottles (even if I do recycle them) so its just tap for me at the moment. I did toy with the idea of a soda stream to carbonate my own water but then there’s the whole Gaza issue and that’s another thing in itself!

I was also prompted to write this blog today due to a comment from my colleague Eamonn. It is our first day in our new office and we didn’t realise disposable cutlery wasn’t provided, luckily I had bought some from our old office and offered to wash my spork (spoon/fork) so Eamonn could eat his yogurt with it. When he had finished I asked whether he was going to keep it and re-use it and he said “probably not”. Why waste a perfectly good utensil?

Moving on to some consumables in the bathroom. I really like using Lush products as they don’t test on animals, their vegan-friendly products carry the Vegan Society logo and they try to minimise their packaging. I also like how their products are dry in order for them to last longer and I also think its great for travelling when you’ve only taken hand-luggage in order to limit your liquids. I was disappointed recently when they changed the packaging on their toothy tabs. These are small mint like tablets which you crush between your teeth and then brush like toothpaste. The tubes used for toothpaste aren’t recyclable so lead to landfill. Previously toothy tabs came in a match-box like container and they have changed to a plastic bottle. I understand that a cardboard box isn’t great in a wet bathroom but its such a shame they’re now using a more wasteful product. Better make sure I re-use those bottles!

2015-11-16 18.44.03

I subscribe to the Vegan Kind Quarterly Beauty box. They also do a  monthly snack box but that doesn’t currently fit into my weight loss plan! In my last box I received some Faith in Nature face wipes. They are  lovely and fresh and useful for when you’re on the go. I visited their website to order some more and also ordered some anti-dandruff shampoo. My husband isn’t vegan and usually uses the brand that is followed by knees and toes. He hasn’t tried it yet but I’m hoping he’s found a cruelty free brand that works for him.

2015-11-16 18.42.56

Lastly in the bathroom, a product I have had so long I can’t remember where I bought it from and have just started using again. These are re-useable cleansing pads, to save you going through all those cotton ones (even if they are fairtrade!) These you just pop into the washing machine in the mesh bag once you’re done.



As its coming up to the most wonderful time of the year I wanted to get my hands on some recycled wrapping paper. I went online to re-wrapped and unfortunately they were out of a couple of the Christmas set so I got these as I also have a lot of birthdays coming up.

2015-11-16 21.02.20

How are you trying to cut down on waste, packaging and consumables?

Let me know.

Plumes x


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