My last big (but totally ethical) purchase of the year!

Firstly I apologise for the number of photos in this post. If shoes aren’t your thing this one definitely isn’t for you! Secondly I have received no benefit for reviewing this item – but am happy to do in the future (wink wink!)

I ordered these Beyond Skin shoes as an early Christmas present to myself and hopefully they will last a while as they cost nearly double my next most expensive pair (and they were my wedding shoes!)

Firstly the box was lovely in this bright pink colour.

20151110_182344 20151110_182424

and inside didn’t disappoint either with this lovely tissue paper that will be reused for Christmas.

In the card you can see what they stand for.

20151110_182501 20151110_182514


I like the end of the box, so you can store them and still know which shoes they are. Also this style is called “Bonnie” which is the name of my eldest niece so I think it was destiny!


I even think the soles are brilliant with the parody on the “genuine leather” motif with “genuinely not leather”.


20151110_182741 20151110_183119

As you can see they are gorgeous!


and this is my happy face!

Plumes x

My last big (but totally ethical) purchase of the year!

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